Shoud Miami Bring Back Miracle Man Kenyan Drake?

The Miracle Play by the Dolphins on Dec 9, 2018 in Miami, where our Dolphins were down with 7 seconds remaining and 69 yards away from scoring the winning TD, the Dolphins were down to the Patriots 33 to 28 where just about everybody counted them out, waiting for the final 7 seconds to tick off and then it happened.

A one in a million chance happened as the Dolphins executed the game-winning play to perfection. They won the game when Kenyan Drake took one of the many laterals to the house on one crazy play. The best play in the history of Miami IMO!

That was one of those days where I never forget where I was at the time. I jumped out of my seat with jubilation as Drake crossed the goal line ahead of a slower Rob Gronkowski who was the last defender. (Still a head scratcher as to why he was in)

I actually liked Drake as our RB ever since we drafted him. He is perfect for the type of running game we will employ under freshmen HC Mike McDaniel. Rumor is that Drake did not get along with former HC Brian Flores (Shocking!!)… Notice the sarcasm?

I still feel he is a big RB that posses the speed and ability to catch the ball in space. I would take him over the #3 & 4 RB on this roster now!

Even though he is available as a FA, I am sure this will never happen, but if it did I would welcome Drake back with open arms. Do you remember where you were at that time?

Relive that moment

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