Miami Vs Philadelphia Pre-Season Review

It was the final rehearsal of the preseason and it was an uneven match for more than one reason. The biggest reason is that the Eagles rested most (if not all) of their starters and Miami actually played their starters much to my surprise. (Not a fan of that decision)

The good thing is they did not have any significant injuries even though Tua took a sack that made me nervous.

So let’s look at the Good, The Bad and the Ugly of the game.

The Good:

  • Tua to Tyreek 50+ pass and catch on the first play of the game! It was a little underthrown but Tyreek still tracked that ball perfectly and made the catch!
  • Skylar Thompson continued to impress with his stellar play, he’s made a case to make the team.
  • Offensive line play was very efficient as they blocked well in Pass Pro and run blocking
  • Defense played very well despite who they matched up against.
  • Miami looks ready for the season after a complete team performance.
  • Miami actually ran the ball well for the first time this preseason rushing 35 times for 203 yards for an average of 5.8 yards per carry!!!! (Hope they can do that in the real games)

The Bad:

  • Preston Willams checked out! It is obvious through his body language and his play that Williams was not into this game most likely knowing his fate is sealed. This guy has been the one sore spot on this team. He never really proved his worth and complained like a spoiled child on social media that he was not given a chance. Despite being a major letdown and injury prone throughout the past two seasons.
  • Poor performance from Miami’s opponents, as the Eagles looked awful and the result was 48-10. The Dolphins took it to them too in the one joint practice. This was because the stomach bug that the players and coaches for Miami were battling forced them to cancel the second joint practice.

The Ugly

There was nothing ugly in that game as Miami was looking like a primed machine.

That was a very fun game to watch and hopefully a sign that once Mike McDaniel cooks up his game plans against our opponents that this team will be a dark horse to a playoff berth and beyond? One can only hope!

Fins up!!!!

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