Raders @ Miami Pre-Season Review

This was the 2nd of three preseason games for Miami and once again I will cover the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

 in this game.

The Good:

Tua Tagovailoa got his firt start and for the most part looked pretty good despite not having his two major weapons in the game as both Hill and Waddle were scratched from the game due to precautions. Tua completed 6 of 8 passes for 58 yards with a passer rating of 94.8

Skylar Thompson followed up a very positive showing last week with an even better performance this week with a 90% completion rate. He passed for 129 yards and 1 TD the only TD among the 3 QB’s on the roster. His passer rating of 152.1 was just about flawless. I am aware that many (including me) are ready to anoint him the backup to Tua.

Erik Ezukanma made a case for at least the #4 WR if not #3? This kid was electric and the favorite target of Skylar Thompson. They connected on a few long passes that made the final quarter worth watching….Ezukanma caught 6 of 9 targets for 114 yards in the fourth quarter!!!!

Chase Edmonds also had some very nice plays catching and running the ball. On the line, Zach Sieler wreaked havoc when he was in the game. He was helped by the play of Wilkins and Phillips.

Honorabal mentions: Rookies D. Linemen (Ben Stille and Owen Carney)

The Bad:

I am starting to be concerned about the run game. For the 2nd week they did not do a good job of both stopping the run on defense and another poor showing rushing the ball that tells you that in the trenches this team is not getting it done and yes we can poo-poo it by saying that we have not had some of our starters in the game but neither did our opponents.

In our poor run game for the past 6 years, I believe the one constant has been RB coach Eric Studesville. Am I not connecting the dots here? SMH!

The call to kick the field goal when Miami was 4th and 1 late in the game, you would think since it was preseason and the way Skylar and Erik was lighting up the Raiders that they should have gone for it?

The missed field goal to seal the win after going 6 for 6 in preseason play and having kicked a

Teddy Bridgewater taking the Safety..what was he thinking? That is not a play you would expect from a veteran QB.

The O-line play is still subpar and not good enough. Is it time to get serious and bring in a true center and move Connor Williams back to guard?

The Ugly:

Noah Igbinoghene seems to be getting beat like a drum weekly!!!! (We could have had Jonathan Taylor) SMH!!!

Remember this is still just preseason and everything is vinalla and many starters on both sides were missing or just played a series or two. Even with these facts, I have concerns about this team stopping the run and running the ball. I sure hope folks are right about Mike McDanile that he is not showing much. This is exactly what we are getting after two preseason matches with little to no run game.

What is your take on the game?

2 thoughts on “Raders @ Miami Pre-Season Review”

  1. You’ve pretty much nailed it, but as far as the running game goes all we’ve seen is basic run packages that every team knows how to defend, along with our lesser backs. Sony Michelle is too slow, Ahmed is a 1 cut guy, and Gaskin???? the 1 failed end around the receiver blew it on his block.

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