Cleaning Out The WR Room?

Around about this time last year I was truly excited about Miami’s wide receiver core the addition of Will Fuller was supposed to add that Number 1 WR with speed to burn and add him along with Parker, Hollins, Wilson, Williams and new rookie Waddle I was excited about that group. 

  • Will Fuller 
  • DeVante Parker 
  • Mack Hollins 
  • Albert Wilson 
  • Isaiah Ford 
  • Preston Williams 
  • Lynn Bowden Jr. 
  • Rookie Jaylen Waddle 

A year later only three of these WR’s are currently on the roster and two of them are now in trade rumors. This underscores the disappointing 2021 season for that group and what proved to be the biggest bust at WR as Fuller never played a single down after being given 10 million dollars in free agency. 

I have been for the past three years or more calling for Miami to trade Parker and now he is NE’s Problem. The only WR no longer here who I would have loved to keep is Mack Hollins. 

This year Miami swung for the fences and paid top dollar for Tyreek Hill, the fastest WR in the league and paired him with a younger version of himself, last year’s rookie standout Jaylen Waddle. 

Now this WR group (if they can stay healthy) is a pretty good-looking group and should be very productive. I am more excited than ever before with what we have at this position. 

  • Tyreek Hill 
  • Jaylen Waddle 
  • Cedrick Wilson Jr. 
  • Erik Ezukanma 
  • Braylon Sanders (Practice Squad?) 
  • Trent Sherfield (Practice Squad?) 
  • River Cracraft (Practice Squad?) 
  • Mohamed Sanu (Camp Body?) 
  • Lynn Bowden Jr. * on trade block 
  • Preston Williams * on trade block 
  • DeVonte Dedmon (Practice Squad?) 

I am not sure who after the first 4 listed will make the roster or if we bring in another WR or two in the future but for now the top 4 listed is already an improvement over last year’s WR group. 

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