Dolphins Get The Smack Down!!!

Ouch, this one hurt!!!!  

Miami has been fined heavily for tampering by having contact with Tom Brady and Sean Payton respectively despite them being employed at the time.  

From ESPN: 

The NFL notified the Miami Dolphins on Tuesday that the team would be stripped of its 2023 first-round pick, among other disciplinary measures, for violations of league policies relating to the integrity of the game. 

Following a six-month investigation, the league found the Dolphins — primarily team owner Stephen Ross and vice chairman/limited partner Bruce Beal — violated the anti-tampering policy on three occasions from 2019 to 2022 in conversations with quarterback Tom Brady and the agent for then-New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton. 

The NFL, however, found no evidence that the team intentionally lost games during the 2019 season. In February, former Dolphins coach Brian Flores said in his lawsuit alleging racism in the league’s hiring practices that Ross attempted to incentivize him to “tank,” or purposely lose games, shortly after he was hired in 2019, with Ross allegedly offering Flores $100,000 for every loss that season. Flores alleged that as the team won games late in the season, Dolphins general manager Chris Grier told him Ross was “mad” that the on-field success was “compromising [the team’s] draft position.” 

In addition to the first-round pick, the Dolphins also will forfeit their 2024 third-round selection. 

Ross, meanwhile, was fined $1.5 million and suspended through Oct. 17, during which time he isn’t permitted to be at the Dolphins’ facility or represent the team at any team event. He also can’t attend any league meeting before the annual meeting in 2023. 

Beal was fined $500,000 and isn’t permitted to attend any league meetings for the rest of the 2022 season. 

This really hurts, losing that first round pick of 2023 when we had TWO of them is the thing that burns. Now I will not jump on Dolphins owner Stephen Ross as many are because I too was just as pissed that Brian Flores “Won meaningless Games” in 2019 and ruined the chance at the top pick in the 2020 NFL draft! 

I love that Mr. Ross will do anything to win, and he has put up his money to build this franchise but his mistakes over the years have been costly and even though “THEY ALL CHEAT” Ross has not been savvy enough to avoid getting caught! 

Mistakes and all I love our owner and will just have to suck it up and accept the reality that we lost a top draft pick for next year. 

10 thoughts on “Dolphins Get The Smack Down!!!”

  1. I have you covered on the two seats I am single and live alone in Florida the tickets are for employees and clients and friends and you sir have been my biggest fan/supporter it’s the least I can do….

  2. Don’t see how I could turn that down. The only set back is I would need 2. Of course I would be happy to pay for the extra. I just can’t be “that guy” who pulls into the lot solo. I just don’t make the commute to Miami by myself unless it’s business related and even that’s a rarity.

  3. I am in the prosses of securing 4 seats for the season for my Business why not be my guest?

  4. That would be cool, but we basically stumbled upon the seats we got for Saturday and I’m not certain, but I believe any remaining sessions open to the public are only available for season ticket holders. Gonna try to attend a game or 2 this year (if affordable). Mabey we could hook up for that.

  5. I wil be doing a complete review of the past pratices soon, as well as my “Stock Report”

  6. Went to Saturdays practice. It was a good time. When the QBs were getting ready to take shots at the net the crowd was chanting Tua, so he puts his arm around Teddy and points at him to get us chanting his name. Then they both flank Skylar and get the crowd fired up for him. It was true support for each other and a pleasure to witness.

  7. If things go as they should that lost 1st round pick pick will wind up being somewhere in the high 20s. Ideally 32.

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