Is Getting Ross a Ring Miami’s Top Priority?

The time of ownership for Steven Ross is coming to an end somewhere in the NEAR future he will either sell the team or due to his demise have the team sold to one or more of his business partners. 

With that being the case, is there a full court press to get him the very thing that has eluded Mr. Ross for the past 13 seasons after acquiring 95% ownership of the team from former owner Wayne Huizenga? 

Don’t dismiss the rumors from Sean Payton to Tom Brady because the talent is finally here for this team to compete for the division title and a playoff berth. The 100% assured way to get into the playoffs is to “WIN THE DIVISION”. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved everything about what Miami has done this offseason from surrounding Tua with talent and possibly the fastest weapons on offense we have ever seen. And I too am enamored with our New HIP Head Coach Mike McDaniel. I desperately want this to work…. but what if it doesn’t? 

Miami’s Owner Stephen M. Ross is 82 years old, just beyond the special mightiness the bible says for mankind’s longevity (Between 70-80) so it truly matters what this team does this season, it’s not just Tua’s job that can be on the line, but Mike McDaniel might want to sleep with one eye open when the facts are Miami pursued this past offseason Sean Payton and Tom Brady….FACTS!!!!!!! 

The Dolphins need to not only make the playoffs, but prove they are a legitimate contender to win our division and two more losses to Buffalo this season will really cast doubt that they are ready to compete for the ultimate goal being a Super Bowl! If after this season this team seems like a mile away from making it to the SB, then don’t be surprised if there will be a short leash on the coaching staff. 

The clock is ticking fast for Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross, and he don’t have time to waist and if this team don’t show serious potential within the division and in the playoffs, I would expect the pursuit of better coaching and QB and you cannot argue that Sean Payton and Tom Brady are not better options…. Can you? 

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