Miami Dolphins Path To The Playoffs!

Everybody’s got it wrong, they are focusing on the offense, Head Coach Mike McDaniel, Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki, Terron Armstead, Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert, Cedrick Wilson Jr, Alec Ingold just to name a few and yes, the Offense is much improved with these players and an offensive minded HC. The hope is that they bond together well and generate 2-3 more wins from the past two seasons. 

Why is all the noise and pressure being put on the Offense? The truth is that pressure rightfully should fall on the shoulders of our defense especially EARLY IN THE SEASON! 

The Dolphin’s defense has been returned 100% intact, in fact, they have even added free agent Melvin Ingrim. This defense should be ahead of the offense coming out of the gate NO EXCUSES!!!! They should hold the opponents in check in what is a very brutal opening stretch of what I call the first quarter of the season. (Vs New England, @Baltimore, vs Buffalo @ Cincinnati) these are all legitimate playoffs and, in some cases, Super bowl contenders!!! 

The likelihood that the offense will be at its best early in the season is highly unlikely they will need some time to hit their stride because this is year one of them coming together. That is not the case for our Defense and the rumors that swirled around when former head coach Brian Flores was let go that he had to take over the defensive play calling after the 7-game losing streak….is still that noise in the background that will pop up should this defense fail to live up to their potential. 

So, the pressure should fall squarely on Josh Boyer and his defense, here are the names that need to step up right out of the gate JUST IN CASE the offense needs some time to gel.

(Christian Wilkins, Raekwon Davis, Zach Sieler, Jerome Baker, Emmanuel Ogbah, Andrew Van Ginkel, Byron Jones, Xavien Howard, Brandon Jones, Jevon Holland, Elandon Roberts, Melvin Ingrim) 

Now as the season moves on and (KNOCK ON WOOD) we have no significant injuries then I expect this team to be firing on all cylinders!!!! The question is, will it be just like the last two seasons under Brian Flores where this team starts off horrifically slow and falls FLAT at the end getting BLOWN OUT twice in games that they needed to win to make the playoffs. 

I still feel really good about the talent on both sides of the ball. We shall find out soon. 

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