Tyreek (The Diva) Hill?

What is A diva? Well in the NFL no position has had more Diva personalities than the WR position, they tend to boast a lot, they are never satisfied with the number of touches they get, and they are ALWAYS open and are some of the best “Trash Talkers” In the Game. 

Some of the best wide receivers in NFL history have been divas, so I am elated to have Tyreek Hill on this team because we need a Diva WR on this team! Can you imagine If DeVante Parker was a Diva? If they are on your team, you love them, if not you can take them or leave them.  

Here are some of the biggest Diva WR’s to ever play the game: 

  • Terrell Owens 
  • Randy Moss 
  • Keyshawn Johnson 
  • Chad Ochocinco 
  • Michael Irvin 
  • Plaxico Burress 
  • Andre Rison 
  • DeSean Jackson 
  • Odell Beckham Jr 
  • Dez Bryant 
  • Antonio Brown 
  • Santonio Holmes 
  • Brandon Marshall 

If you look at the names above, you will see polarizing players but also some of the best to have ever played the game. Tyreek Hill fits everything Diva and I love it! I just hope some of his attitude rubs off on the rest of the offense from the QB to the O-Line! 

This should make for an incredibly fun season!!! 

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