Having The Right Tools Matter!

As a tradesman I know the importance of having the right tool for the job It makes the work at hand easy to do, but if you do not have the right tools the job will be difficult to do or impossible to do.

The Dolphins did Tua no favors ever since he’s been drafted and in particular Former Head coach Brian Flores did not have confidence in Tua and from many reports did not even want Tua on draft day.

After thinking about why Brian Flores maybe had no faith in Tua I came up with a possible reason. Is it possible that after years of seeing Tom Brady play with New England Brian Flores’ expectations was a little too high and thus Tua a young rookie just didn’t meet what Flores viewed as a standard that Flores was used to seeing?

Either way it was not a good marriage between Flores and Tua and I am sure it rubbed GM Chris Grier the wrong way too because his reputation is on the line when it comes to Tua and the only way to possible restore his reputation was to give Tua the TOOLS he needs to do his job well.

What frustrated me these past two years was Brian Flores and to an extent GM Chris Grier’s attitude towards the RB position passing up on some very talented young RB’s in the last two drafts settling for RB’s in the later rounds. I know that the best friend for a young QB is a solid Run Game and Defense. Unfortunately Brian Flores was only able to provide te solid defense. Both the Offensive line and Run game was some of the worst in the league and so no wonder Tua’s numbers were not where expectations are. How can you have a RPO offense when you can’t block or run the ball well? Defenses knew that Miami was weak at blocking and running the ball and thus this teams offense was easy to defend. Essentially Tua had not Tools to succeed and still he has a winning record as Miami’s starting QB these past two years.

Providing The Tools Tua Needs

It came as a surprise to us all when at the end of the 2021 season Dolphins owner Stephen Ross fired Brian Flores and the backlash at first was very harsh as many sided with Brian Flores including some local talk show host that lacked the facts in the matter, the one person that did have the correct information on Brian Flores’ conduct was the BIG O who had inside information about how Bran Flores was acting at the Dolphins facility. If you recall it was Flores who was high on trying to trade for Deshaun Watson last season and almost got it done.

After Flores was relieved of his duties GM Chris Grier put a stop to any rumors of Tua being traded and doubled down (Correctly) on finally getting Tua the tools he needs to succeed. First by bringing in a new HC that believes he can help Tua to succeed and Mike McDaniel’s first move was to reach out to Tua on the jet ride to south florida and let him know he is looking forward to working with him and helping him reach his goals.

The next thing they did to back up their words was to first of all keep the Defense in tact and just about an 100% return on the defensive side of the ball including the defensive coordinator the last three years Josh Boyer, Than he weaponized the offensive side of the ball bringing in FA veterans to supplement the young players on the roster.

Miami has brought in 6 time pro bowl WR Tyreek Hill, Pro Bowl LT who was considered the best LT in Free agency Terron Armstead and a young veteran Linemen LG Connor Williams (25 years old) to help solidify the left side of the line and they added 3 veteran RB’s to shore up the running game. (RB’s Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert, Sony Michel) and is bringing back the full back position with the likes of (Alec Ingold and John Lovett) In addition they placed the franchise Tag on our young TE who is one of the best recieving TE’s in the game who can really have a great year with all the weapons on this offense that defenses have to worry about. Waddle and Hill are two dynamic players that can take it to the house anywhere on the field.

Tua has all this support and he still is one of/if not the most accurate passers in the game, he protects the ball and is finally getting the support he deserves. If he stays healthy this team will make a serious run for the playoffs and beyond! Can we finally beat Buffalo this year is all I want to know…. 🙂

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