Still Cautiously Optimistic!

As a self admitted Homer I have taken the approach that I will try and contain myself as far as my projections for this 2022 Miami Dolphins team, On Paper this is by far the best team we have manned for quite a while. As for speed you would have to go back to the Mark’s brothers to maybe find a former Dolphins player that might would give Tyreek Hill a good run for that $50,000.00 he’s tossing out to challenge another speedy WR to race for charity.

With 3 potential starters all who runs a sb 4.4 forty is there a faster starting roster in the NFL? I don’t think so!

Even with all of the upgrades I am still in a wait and see mode as there are some things to consider such as how good will the offensive line play be, there are some concerns about the Right side of the line and the Center position, many are still calling for Miami to sign free agent Center JC Tretter to backup the projected starter Michael Deiter I will trust the coaches involved in the decisions as they seem more competent than the previous coaches Brian Flores had on offense.

After so many years of dashed hopes It is hard to buy all in even though things look promising. One thing is for sure we will find out early if Mike McDaniel has this team ready because the opening schedule is brutal!

  • Sept 11 home vs Patriots
  • Sept 18th @ Baltimore
  • Sept 25th home vs Buffalo
  • Sept 29th @ Bengals
  • Oct 9th @ Jets
  • Oct 16th home vs Vikings
  • Oct 23rd home vs Steelers
  • Oct 30th @ Lions
  • Nov 6th @ Chicago
  • Nov 13th home vs Browns
  • Nov 27th home vs Texans
  • Dec 4th @ San Fran
  • Dec 11th @ Chargers
  • Dec 18th @ Bills
  • Dec 25th home vs Packers
  • Jan 1st @ New England
  • Jan 8th home vs Jets

Not knowing just how good this team will be there is no easy game on this schedule and until they prove otherwise Miami can lose any given Sunday!

So Cautious Optimism is the road I will take for now.

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