Can Madison & Surtain Get Noah Igbinoghene Going?

A glowing reminder of the Flaw in GM Chris Grier’ Draft strategy of drafting BPA no matter what is you draft players like Igbinoghene who was drafted in round one of the 2020 NFL draft despite glowing needs at other spots at that time like RB.

Miami had both Xavien Howard and Byron Jones on the roster, two of the top CB’s in the league as well as two of the top paid players at their position in the league and on the team. That made it almost impossible for a young player like Noah Igbinoghene to get on the field and develop his game.

I still hold the stance that he is not a bust YET and the one reason is he as well as Austin Jackson are still just 22 years old they both are two of the youngest players on this roster.

Hopefully with the addition of two of the best CB’s in Miami Dolphins history on the coaching staff, they can get Noah the help he needs to develop into a solid CB for this team. But the best thing that should have happened for Noah was to never have been drafted by Miami and he most likely would have been taken by a team that NEEDED a CB at that time.

Noah will eventually get better or get traded as Miami look to replace one of their highly paid CB’s as the future salary cap will require that Miami reduce the money they have tied up at that position as players like Tagovailoa, Wilkins, Gesicki start to get their extensions.

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