Are The Dolphins Finally Taking The Running Game Serious?

If you are a regular here you know my frustration with Miami not taking one of the top young RB’s in the Draft these past few years when I truly believe that a good running game is exactly what this team needed to complement our Defense and assist our young QB in his development as well as help a young offensive line in their development.

From passing up Jonathan Taylor, Najee Harris and even this year where I wanted Breece Hall, it is apparent that Miami just don’t value the RB position or at least I thought???

Looking at this off-season’s signings one can’t help but wonder if the tide is changing with regards to Miami’s running game. New head coach Mike McDaniel seems to have a clue that former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores could not buy!

With the additions of solid veteran RB’s like Raheem Mostert, Chase Edmonds, & Sony Michel added to the young RB’s like UDFA ZaQuandre White 6′-1″ 215 or last years rookie RB drafted Gerrid Doaks 5′-11″ 228 lbs Miami possess a mixture of “Thunder & Lightning” to have just about any running style they want and don’t forget the FB’s we have on the roster.

Finally a true commitment to improving our Run Game and that will add some teeth to the RPO offense that last year was a joke because they could not run the ball effectively . How can you have an RPO when you can’t run? I am very happy with these additions and hopefully this team can at least move in to the top 15 or better in rushing because that is one way to assure more wins and a playoff berth and wins that we have not seen in years!!!!

Fins Up!!!!

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