Miami Dolphins NFL Schedule Leaks? (Updated 5/10/22)

Just like everybody, minus a few exceptions we know who and where we are playing in this 2022 NFL season, we just don’t know when! Will Miami play any late night games? Will they play overseas? Who do we face in the winter? When will we face Buffalo? When will Brian Flores come to Miami with the Steelers? Those are some of the questions I am curious about what about you?

I will be keeping an ear to the ground for any rumors that gets leaked so stay tuned and check back for the latest. The NFL is slowly leaking out games this week up until the12th when the full schedule will be released. Teams already know their schedules but the money machine (that is the NFL) is milking it all the way to the bank!

One rumor is Miami will open the season up in Buffalo against the Bills. It makes sense because the more likely scenario would be that we play in Buffalo early and have them In Miami late in the season…..hopefully for a division title matchup?

  • Another Rumor has Miami potentially playing Detroit this Thanksgiving?
  • Miami @ Buffalo ESPN Monday Night Football Season Opener?
  • Miami is rumored to be playing the Bengals on Christmas day (Sunday This Year)
  • Miami Playing overseas?

Dolphins 2022 Strength of Schedule

According to ESPN’s Mike Clay, the Dolphins have the 12th-hardest schedule in the NFL for the 2022 campaign.

Dolphins Opponents Record 2022

The Dolphins’ opponents went 138-149-2 during the 2021-22 NFL season.

******Dolphins 17th Game Opponent?******

The NFL officially added an extra 17th game to the schedule starting in 2021. It has been revealed that the Dolphins will travel to take on the San Francisco 49ers in that contest. (Not sure if this is true?)

Dolphins Super Bowl Odds

The Dolphins are currently +4000 (T-No. 17) in FanDuel Sportsbook’s latest Super Bowl odds.

Dolphins Win Total Prediction 2022

The Dolphins found a way to tally 9 wins last season despite suffering a seven-game losing streak and seeing starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa miss five starts. The front office then went out and traded for All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill and signed Pro Bowl offensive lineman Terron Armstead. The offense has been built to keep pace with the rest of the division and should also be enough to capitalize on eight matchups against teams that finished under .500 in 2021. Back the over.

Bet – Dolphins: Over 8.5 Wins (-130)

SIGN UP NOW: $1,000 ri

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills (Home) (Away)
  • New England Patriots (Home) (Away)
  • New York Jets (Home) (Away)

AFC North

  • Cleveland Browns (Home)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (Home)
  • Baltimore Ravens (Away)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (Away)

NFC North

  • Green Bay Packers (Home) 
  • Minnesota Vikings (Home)
  • Detroit Lions (Away)
  • Chicago Bears (Away)

Also due to their third place finish Miami will play

  • AFC South – Houston Texans (Home)
  • AFC West – Los Angeles Chargers (Away)
  • NFC West – San Francisco 49ers (Away)

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