Why I “LOVED” This 2022 Miami Dolphins NFL Draft

This was one of the lowest number of Picks that The Dolphins have had EVER! Just 4 picks are all we had going into the 2022 NFL Draft, and we came away with just 4 picks. So why do I love this draft? 

Because of what I just stated, we came away with just 4 picks. I will have less players to do my draft profile on (one down three to go) but that is not the reason I am happy. The reason I am so happy is that Miami did not trade future picks and we will have the joy of the 2023 NFL draft with all the picks and possibly more. 

That was my big concern that with two first, one 2nd and two third round picks in next year’s draft that they would be tempted to trade off one of those picks. I was relieved when GM Chris Grier made a comment that he was not willing to trade away future pick it was as he said non-negotiable! 

I know that over the past 3 years despite the unfair criticism of our GM I have backed him 100% and feel he has done an excellent job to date and even with the 2020 draft that many try and point to as some terrible draft I say that it is more of “incomplete grade” for the first three picks of the 2020 NFL draft. 

Tua is armed with weapons and a coach who backs him, Austin Jackson, and Noah Igbinoghene are just 22 years old with plenty of time to develop into a serviceable players, there are no players on this team that are younger than them 7 players on our roster are 22 years old! 

The present looks exceptionally good, and the future is so bright you need sunglasses to glare into the future. What Chris Grier has done in 3 short years is remarkable! It is just a shame some of his detractors are just now seeing what I have seen all along. 

This team is ready for the next level! 

Fins Up!!!

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