Will Tyreek Hill Succeed In Miami?

Considered to be one of the top WR’s in the NFL and by far one of (if not) the fastest WR in the game some feel he made a mistake leaving what is considered by to be the best QB in the league Patrick Mahomes. 

This is another one of those what came first, the “Chicken or the Egg” scenarios as who made who better Mahomes or Hill and with egos involved I am sure they both feel that they made the other better. The answer to the question is the Chicken came first if you believe the bibles version of creation. 

The Answer to the question who made who better is also easy to produce as they both helped each other get better as Hill’s speed turned many of Mahomes passes into long completions and Mahomes unique skills are truly unperilled in the NFL. 

So, will Hill miss being with Mahomes now that he will be playing with QB Tua Tagovailoa? Will Tua be able to connect with his new Ferrari? Patrick Mahomes is a better QB than Tua nobody will/can argue that FACT! But having a WR who can take it to the house from anywhere and any angle sure did help Mahomes passing stats a lot. So, it is logical to think that he will be just as helpful to Tua who is considered one of the most accurate QB’s in the NFL. 

Tyreek Hill is a six-time Pro Bowler and the numbers do not lie, just look at the first chart below that lists the top Deep threat receivers in the league since 2016. In the second chart it shows even more how dangerous Hill has been since coming into the NFL. (Both Thanks to Next Gen Stats) 

Miami paid a heavy price for the services of Hill and they are hoping to get a return on their investment this upcoming season. The Question is will they? 

The one thing that the Chiefs and 49ers did more than Miami was the screen passing game

Team Screen Pct. Overall Comp. Pct. Comp. Pct. Minus Screens 
Cardinals 18.2 73.3 69.1 
Packers 15.7 65.5 61.3 
Bucs 15.1 68.5 64.2 
Eagles 14.2 61.5 56.1 
Colts 12.4 63.1 60.5 
Browns 12 62.2 58 
Chiefs 11.7 64.8 61.2 
Rams 11.7 66.2 62.7 
Saints 11.5 57.3 54.6 
Panthers 11.3 57.3 55.5 
49ers 11.1 64.8 62.8 
Lions 11.1 66.5 64.5 
Giants 11.1 62.9 58.5 
Patriots 11 70.8 68.5 
Jaguars 10.8 58.2 54.7 
Texans 10.7 63.2 60.5 
Bills 10.7 65.6 62.8 
Titans 10.7 65.8 64.2 
Vikings 10.6 68.2 65.7 
Jets 10.5 61.7 58.4 
Washington 10.4 67.7 64.7 
Cowboys 10.4 68.6 66.1 
Seahawks 10.3 67.5 64.4 
Steelers 9.3 64.2 61.4 
Bengals 8.8 68.2 66.3 
Raiders 7.9 67.8 65.9 
Dolphins 7.3 67.1 65.4 
Bears 60.7 58.3 
Chargers 6.9 66.5 64.8 
Broncos 6.4 66.6 66.4 
Falcons 5.1 66.5 66 
Ravens 4.6 64.2 62.8 

To hit Hill, Waddle or Mostert with a screen pass could yield a TD anywhere on the field and I expect that to be a huge part of Miami’s attack moving forward. Having Tyreek on te field will help Miami’s offensive attack immensely because the defenses will have a tough time trying to cover all that speed. 

It is not just screens but every type of pass routes are in play

  • Fly route.
  • Slant route.
  • Out route.
  • Screen pass.
  • Button hook.
  • Corner Route.
  • Hail Mary.
  • Seam route.
  • Long Pass.
  • Deep Post.
  • Stop and Go.
  • Medium Pass.
  • In Pattern.
  • Out Pattern.
  • Fade.

The ones in BOLD are routes that I think Tyreek and Waddle can thrive in.

I see no reason Tyreek cannot thrive in Miami with Tua as our QB, the added weapons that he is surrounded with will make his job and theirs that much easier and this offense very potent! 

I am looking forward to this upcoming season more than ever and my excitement is boiling over! 

Fins Up! 

1 thought on “Will Tyreek Hill Succeed In Miami?”

  1. Threek is a perfect fit in this system. The career stats provided by next gen are somewhat misleading. His DOT (depth of target) career average is 11.2 yards. Only 15% of his catches are over 20 yards. As you’ve stated he’s dangerous from anywhere on the field.

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