Tom Brady QB Of Miami In 2023?

Where there is smoke there is fire and there is truth in rumors of Tom Brady and some association to the Dolphins. It goes back to the report that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had set up a meeting at his yacht back in 2000 with then Dolphins head coach Brian Flores not wanting anything to do with that meeting. 

Also, this off-season before the landing of Mike McDaniel as our new HC there is truth in the rumors that former Saints HC Sean Payton and QB Tom Brady were being lined up to come to Miami. Both had retired and were ready to make that move but Brian Flores lawsuit and Bucks HC Bruce Arians who said that Brady would only play for Tampa Bay because he was under contract with Tampa! 

Those two incidents closed the door on the move being contemplated to bring Payton & Brady to Miami. The question is, is that door closed shut or just temporarily? 

I suspect this upcoming season will get us the answers to that question. If the Dolphins fail to meet the goals set before them (Playoff or Bust) then this next off-season will be full of rumors of Brady to Miami (he will be a free agent) and Sean Payton replacing Mike McDaniel as the next HC…or he will be linked to Dallas. 

Pressure On Tua? 

With this being year 3 and the window to decide Tua’s future as Miami starting QB closing within the next two years, now is the time for Tua to take control of both his future and this offense. Why now? 

It is now because Tua has everything in place to succeed, something he has not had in his first two seasons as the Pandemic and the flirtation with Deshawn Watson as well as injuries hampered Tua’s progress. Add to that the incompetence on the offensive side of the ball these past two seasons under Brian Flores as well as reports that Brian did not want Tua as his starting QB or at least we can all agree that he was no Tua fan. 

Even with all those issues working against Tua he still maintained his composure and has a winning record as the starting QB for Miami. 

If Tua does not have a breakout season I am 100% positive that the Rumors of Tom Brady to Miami will heat up and like I said earlier “Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire” it will be more on Tua’s shoulders as new HC Mike McDaniel would have to have a Cam Cameron like season for his job to be in jeopardy and I do not see that being the case with all the talent through this roster on BOTH sides of the ball. 

The pressure is on due to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ age and the limited time remaining as the owner due to allegations by former head coach Brian Flores or just him retiring and wanting to sell the team. One way or the other this Dolphins team will be sold with Tom Brady as a minority stake holder in the team, and just maybe the QB of this team too. Tom Brady is so motivated to come to Miami and beat the Patriots and deliver a SB ring in Miami and truth be told he would have a blast with the weapons we have on offense.

 So, the time is limited to get Ross a SB ring and if Tua does not live up to expectations I predict that next off-season will get wild! 

7 thoughts on “Tom Brady QB Of Miami In 2023?”

  1. I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. And like everything else, I’ll get over it if it happens.

  2. Not a fan of this article I see….

    I can see a scenario where if Tua tanks this season that Miami will bring in Brady with the intent to get Ross that ring he desperately desires and then Ross sell the team to his designated guy who is lying in the wings to buy the team and from the rumors Brady and that guy are very close friends and Brady will be a minority owner of this team.

    And Brady really wants to stick it to New England what better way for him to go out?

    Where there is smoke????

  3. I’m not buying into it. Brady went to London after he retired and met with the Bucs owner to discuss his return. Hence the Arians situation. Personally I’m not interested in him, If Tua doesn’t work out you draft his replacement. Even if he winds up in the front office, what does that changes nothing. Just because he’s a great QB doesn’t translate to being a good manager.

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