The Potential Of Tua Tagovailoa?

There has been this strange overly critical Local and National media criticism of Miami Dolphins young QB Tua Tagovailoa ever since he was drafted, most of it is based off “Hindsight” that these critical people make their arguments from. Miami got it wrong when they drafted Tua over Justin Herbert is the narrative from these hindsight experts

I question why is it that Tua who was taken 5th in 2020 gets the criticism he has gotten but Trevor Lawrence who was taken #1 overall in 2021 gets a pass? 

I still say the jury is out on who will eventually have the better career and only “Time Will Tell” yes, out the gate Justin Herbert has had better stats and Tua has had a better win % so far Tua has a 15-8 W/L record to Herbert’s 15-17 W/L record so who really have had the better start? 

I am not here saying that Tua is a better QB than Herbert in fact the truth is they are different QB’s, like Big Ben and Russell Wilson are two different QB’s their style of play and physical make up are different. I liken Tua to being a cross between Drew Breese and Russel Wilson even though Tua is taller than both so this narrative that Tua is too small to play in the NFL is just more silly talk from the haters. 

Tua has been at a disadvantage ever since being drafted by Miami, starting from before his rookie season when he suffered that devastating hip injury that could have been career ending to his having to deal with a coach that didn’t believe in him and playing with the worst run game and offensive line play in the league. Even still he has produced a winning record to date. 

I remember the best game that Tua has played so far in his young career, it was the Dolphins vs. Cardinals Week 9 2020 game where Tua held his own, if we can get more consistent play from Tua like we did that game I am positive Tua will have a very productive career. 

Reason For Hope 

Tua has been supported by Dolphins management and by moving on from Brian Flores and bringing in a HC who believes in Tua and is doing everything he can to help Tua it can only embolden Tua to be the best he can. Not only does having Mike McDaniel as our new HC help Tua but what has been done this offseason will also empower Tua to have greater success this upcoming season. 

GM Chris Grier has every reason to want Tua to succeed because he has been the unfair victim of criticism for drafting Tua 5th overall in the 2020 NFL draft and considering the other 2 first round picks have not lived up to their draft status (OT Austin Jackson & CB Noah Igbinoghene) one can see why Chris Grier is subject to criticism. I on the other hand feel there is still time for these young guys to get their careers on track.

This is year 3 of the Dolphins rebuild (If you don’t count the Tear Down in 2019) and the Dolphins have added the very weapons Tua lacked in his previous two seasons as Miami starting QB. They also have a better offensive coaching staff, something Tua never had the privilege of having under Flores. I am not predicting SB (Hoping for it) nor offensive player of the year for Tua, but I would not be surprised if he does rise to be a top 10 QB in 2022 and beyond. 

This team is built for him to have success and I for one am rooting for Tua more than anybody because he deserves the support he is getting after having to put up with the crap he had to deal with under Brian Flores and the best thing about that is Tua proved to be the better man despite all the drama he has dealt with so far. 

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