Is It Really Different This Time?

On paper (and on paper only) this team looks like it can compete with anyone, that is an enormous difference from what we had going into the last season under Brian Flores. When Flores tried to sell us on a Dual OC and the dysfunction on the offensive side of the ball. 

Just like any devoted fan I wanted to believe it would work but had serious doubts that it would and thus the failures of the entire Flores tenure were on the offensive side of the ball. On the other had that man put together one heck of a defense! 

Insert new HC that is considered an offensive GURU for lack of a better word (That Term is worn out) and a new off-season and hope abounds though-out the entire fan base and even the players feel good about the changes in Miami. 

“I got in the building today and I feel like everything has been different since I got here,” Howard said. “The energy. Everybody is happy. I feel like a lot of things are going to be special here with Mike McDaniel. He’s bringing that energy.” 

Says star CB Xavien Howard after just signing a $90 million deal with the Dolphins after they broke all rules and tore up his old contract with 4 years remaining and gave in to his demands after signing Byron Jones a year ago paying him more than X.  

At least X is happy, I guess? 

He is not the only one sounding excited about the changes made this off-season in Miami. Emmanuel Ogbah also chimed in on the changes…(kind-of) 

“We have to step up and do our best to help this team win games. We have to get the offense better. They have to get us better. With an opponent like the Bills, it will be a challenge but we should be able to get that done.” 

It is a fact that every time there is a change by the team, we always tend to feel it is for the better, but it is more like we are hoping it is for the better but in past times there always seemed something was not done right over these past 22 years since the greatest QB to dawn a Dolphin Uniform retired. 

  • Dave Wannstedt was in over his head a DC pretending to be HC/GM 
  • Nick Saban was a fish out of water (College HC not NFL ready) 
  • Cam Cameron was Nieve and could not buy a clue 
  • Sparano was a Hot head who did not seem to have a plan for his team 
  • Joe Philbin never should have been offered the job 
  • Adam Gase Knew no Bus he could not throw folks and players under 
  • Brian Flores had a combo of Angry Black Man & Bill Belichick impersonator syndrome 

So far, I have yet to see a major issue with this current head coach Mike McDaniel and that just might be because he has not been tested yet. 

From all outward appearances this new coach is the exact fit we needed, a HC who did not have an issue with retaining the former defensive staff and a guy who is offensive minded and thus fix the one problem Brian Flores screwed up the offensive side of the ball! 

With a more competent offensive staff along with his background HC Mike McDaniel & GM Chris Grier has loaded up his offensive personnel with some potentially explosive players when on the field together will possess the Combined speed unmatched by any team in the NFL and in history! 

Once again “ON PAPER” this looks like a winning combination, but we all know as Dolphins Fans the ball have not bounced our way in years and that is why many of us cannot get too excited until we see this team break through and make it to the playoffs and beyond! 

Are we there yet? 

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