Don’t Sleep On The Dolphins 2022 NFL Draft?

The Dolphins have traded away every original Draft pick of the 2022 season a point made by Alain Poupart of SI in a recent article: 

A First in Dolphins Draft History

Something else that stands out about the Dolphins’ 2022 draft — and this will remain a fact no matter what else transpires — is that they have traded every single one of their original draft picks.

— The first-round pick went to Philadelphia as part of the trade up from 12th to sixth overall in 2021. (The first-round pick the Dolphins sent to Kansas City for Hill was the one they got from the 49ers in the trade down from third to 12th overall.)

The Dolphins have traded away (and not replaced) their top two picks in this upcoming draft a first-round pick, second-round pick, and fourth-round pick in 2022 and a fourth-round pick and sixth-round pick in 2023 for WR Tyreek Hill. (I approve of this trade) 

Then in the last surprising move was when Chris Grier traded their 5th round pick and WR Devonte Parker for a future 2023 3rd round pick. It was not surprising that they traded Parker, but the surprise was that they traded him to New England, a team within our division and they also won one more game than Miami last year and ended up in 2nd place in the division. 

Now we are left with just 4 picks, none of which were our original picks. 

  • Pick # 102 Fromm San Fransisco 
  • Pick # 125 From the Steelers 
  • Pick # 225 From Houston 
  • Pick # 248 From Tennessee 

This leads me to think that this will be a very boring draft, we will be waiting until the 2nd and 3rd days to see who Miami selects, now I am not complaining considering what they did this off-season in free agency. It is well worth the wait. 

Then I began to think about our GM and his wheeling and dealing ways and who’s to say they don’t have plans to package current and FUTURE picks if they see a player they really want now? 

That is why I still will be glued to the TV in anticipation of the upcoming draft because you just never know how that board falls, especially with our GM Chris Grier. 

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