The Evolution of The Miami Dolphins Logo

In 2013 current Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross made a complete makeover of the Miami Dolphins logo and some have yet to fully accept that change, I on the other hand love the new logo and I am as old school as it gets. 

The biggest complainers are the ones who grew up in the 1997-2012 era as they seem to want things to go back to that logo. The throwback jerseys. For me it would be the 1974-1989 logo as my desired throwback jersey. 

Below is the history of the logo and remember there is a completely new younger generation that is used to the current logo version that started in 2013 and has been slightly modified in 2018. 

This current Dolphins logo looks more like a real Dolphin and from what I recall when they first made the change that the Dolphin on the new logo is in an attack mode. Hopefully, that will reflect the entire team as the offense seems to be poised to play as good as our Defense has the past two seasons and that should add two more wins in 2022. 

1966–1973: The original logo includes an aqua-colored dolphin leaping upward with an orange sunburst background. The helmet features an “M” for Miami.

1974–1989: The dolphin changes positions by being moved up slightly and being centered on the sunburst.

1989–1996: The dolphin slims down and becomes a darker green. The sunburst brightens.

1997–2012: This version of the logo contains a more animated dolphin (perhaps because 1997 is the year that “T.D. the Dolphin” becomes the team’s official mascot). He has more expressive facial features (eyes and nose) and better-outlined fins. The sunburst also becomes more defined.

2013–Present: This is the largest change since the team’s establishment. The logo becomes a smoother, sleeker version of T.D. The dolphin no longer wears a helmet; he seems to move in an upward swimming position. The sunburst remains as an anchor among all the logos.


What Logo would you prefer as the permanent Dolphins logo, or do you have a different version than what has been shown in this post? 

Chime in and let me know……. 

Fins Up! 

1 thought on “The Evolution of The Miami Dolphins Logo”

  1. I personally liked the 97 through 12 logo. The dolphin seems to have a scowel with the angry eye.

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