Foresite vs Hindsite


Hindsight is an antonym of foresight.

Foresight is an antonym of hindsight.

As nouns the difference between foresight and hindsight  is that foresight is the ability to foresee or prepare wisely for the future while hindsight is realisation or understanding of the significance and nature of events after they have occurred.

The job of an NFL GM must be one of the most difficult jobs in the world (Not Compared to all the Docters, EMT, Police or anyone associated with lifesaving work) and Miami’s GM Chris Grier has been unfairly blamed for not doing a good job in the opinions of many of these GM wannabe’s that tend to be puppets that listen to the local and National sports writers and just repeat what they repeat. 

So, the narrative over the last 4 years is that Chris Grier has not done a good job…. Why do I say 4 years and not since 2016 when he was given the title of GM? Well, from my perspective he was not the one in complete control of the decision making as Miami also had VP of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum who had authority over Grier. 

In addition, even though Grier had the title of “GM” the Dolphins also gave too much power to the past two HC’s Adam Gase and Brian Flores. So, it is very unfair to give too much blame or credit to Chris Grier for about anything other than how he cleaned up the salary cap and the players drafted since he was given full control. 

If you look at what GM Chris Grier has done since he was given “Complete Control” in 2019 then you really have no argument when it comes to how well, he has done his job. 

Taking a closer look at Miami’s GM Chris Grier draft picks since 2018 

20181Minkah Fitzpatrick HIT
20182Mike Gesicki HIT
20183Jerome Baker HIT
20184Durham Smythe HIT
20184Kalen Ballage Miss
20186Cornell Armstrong Miss
20187Quentin Poling Miss
20187Jason Sanders Hit
20191Christian Wilkins Hit
20193Michael Deiter Hit?
20195Andrew Van Ginkel Hit
20196Isaiah Prince Push
20197Chandler Cox Push
20197Myles Gaskin Hit
20201Tua Tagovailoa Hit?
20201Austin Jackson Hit?
20201Noah Igbinoghene Jury Still Out
20202Robert Hunt Hit
20202Raekwon Davis Hit?
20203Brandon Jones Hit
20204Solomon Kindley Hit?
20205Jason Strowbridge Miss
20205Curtis Weaver Miss
20206Blake Ferguson Hit
20207Malcolm Perry Push
20211Jaylen Waddle Hit
20211Jaelan Phillips Hit
20212Jevon Holland Hit
20212Liam Eichenberg Hit ?
20213Hunter Long Jury Still Out
20214Larnel Coleman Jury Still Out
20215Gerrid Doaks Jury Still Out

By my count he has hit on 19 players, missed on 5, I call 3 a push and the Jury is still out on 4 players. The question mark by the hits means they are up for debate.

Now things have changed in this off-season as GM Chris Grier is getting much deserved praise for his acquisitions in what is year 3-4 of the rebuild and if you take a close look at the process, you will notice a very similar situation to what the Bills did with Josh Allen in his 3rd year with Buffalo. 

Josh Allen’s Stats his first 3 Seasons


If you look at Josh Allen’s first two seasons his numbers are pedestrian, but he made a huge leap in year 3, why? I will answer that a little later but let us compare Tua’s stats in his first two seasons to Josh Allen’s stats. 

Tua’s Career Stats his first two seasons


Tua has had better stats than Allen in his first two seasons he has thrown for 4,467 yards 27 TD’s and 15 INTs with a QBR average of 88.6 

Josh Allen in his first two seasons threw for just under 700 more yards than Tua 39 TD’s and 21 INTs with a QBR average of 76.6 

So Tua in his first two seasons has played better than Josh Allen. Now as to Allen’s 3rd season why did he have such a huge leap in play? Well, what did Buffalo do in Allen’s 3rd season? 

The Buffalo Bills in 2020 traded for Stefon Diggs in exchange for four draft picks, including a 2021 first-round pick. Diggs had been with the Vikings since being a fifth-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. 

It has been no coincidence that Josh Allen’s number improved once they sign pro bowl WR Stephon Diggs….do you see where I am going? 

What similar move did Miami make this off-season? 

Miami acquired Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for a first-round pick, second-round pick and fourth-round pick in 2022 and a fourth-round pick and sixth-round pick in 2023. 

Is it possible that a more accurate passing Tua with the weapons he has been provided this off-season will have comparable results in his stats this upcoming season? 

Tua possesses the very skills that are a perfect fit for speedy WR’s, such as his accuracy and ball placement to get the ball where his skill players need and in stride is just ideal for Hill, Waddle, Wilson, Mostert, Gesicki, Edmonds, Gaskin, Ahmed, & Bowden. 

Tua has weapons all around him and players that can create separation with speed to burn! They have given Tua the tools he needs along with better protection and coaching on his side of the ball while maintaining the Defense that played lights out these past two seasons and to me that is a recipe for success! 

I am even more optimistic than my “cautious optimism” I talked about when they hired head coach Mike McDaniel, and I cannot wait to see how things play out this upcoming season. 

I want to ask all you late bandwagon fans that are now praising Miami’s GM after bashing him these past two seasons and siding with Brian Flores in his divorce from Miami, to make a stance now BEFORE the next season plays out that you agree that Miami’s GM has done an excellent job. 

Because things can happen and then the HINDSITE I keep talking about will kick in! Like last season before the injuries ruined Miami’s WR’s core many of you were excited about Miami’s WR Room with the addition of Will Fuller who was a complete BUST for Miami last year a waste of 10 million dollars! Now can anybody truly fault our GM because Fuller has an injury riddled season in 2021? 

So, what if a similar situation should befall Miami in 2022 and an injury or some other issue derails the team? That is the question I put to you all know! 

Foresight of Hindsight make up your fickle minds!!!! 

Fins UP!! 

2 thoughts on “Foresite vs Hindsite”

  1. Wow I must of been very tired when I did that…LOL

    Thanks I wil correct it!!!!

  2. On your list of drafted players I believe you are missing someone. A certain Hawaiian guy.

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