Mike McDaniel A Breath Of Fresh Air

There is no guarantee that new Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel will unset Don Shula as the next great Dolphins head coach, in fact he needs to climb the latter to surpass former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores who rose in my book past all but two coaches in Dolphins history that I would put above Flores (Don Shula & Jimmy Johnson) 

The one thing that is becoming quite apparent is that Mike McDaniel has surpassed Brin Flores under the likeable category ALREADY! 

The “Old School Way” of coaching is just that…OLD. It is no longer working, and people are fighting back against the OLD WAYS. The old way is what I would call the “Sargent Carter” approach to teaching “Yelling and Screaming” that does not always work. Some people need to be yelled at while others will not respond well at being yelled at (I am the latter). I feel if I must yell at you to motivate you then I would rather just find some who can do what I want without having to yell. 

Brian Flores ruled with an Iron Fist, he was controlling and quite frankly mean. In his interviews with the media, he always came across as an angry man and from the rumors coming from the building, he was an angry man. 

Mike McDaniel is just the polar opposite, he is smart, funny, and a player’s coach. The question is, will his style work? Can he still get the respect from his players without being such a disciplinarian or A-Hole? 

The truth is there is only one style that really works and that is winning games on Sundays. If Mike McDaniel gets this team to do something Brian Flores failed to do like win games early in the season and play good consistently throughout the season and win more games than they lose and make the playoffs than his style works. 

Why There Is Reason For Hope 

The Dolphins have done a great Job adding much needed help on the offensive side of the ball an area where Brian Flores failed miserably, from better coaching to shoring up the run game and adding veteran help to the offensive line Terron Armstead, & Connor Williams, also adding weapons like RB’s Raheem Mostert & Chase Edmonds as well as WR’s Cedrick Wilson, &  Tyreek Hill as well as ading more depth to their roster with players like Keion CrossenAlec IngoldTrent Sherfield,. 

Miami also brought back just about the entire defense from last year and kept DC Josh Boyer so one should expect that our defense will be just as good if not better in 2022. 

In what I see as one of the best moves made, they improved the backup QB position by replacing Jacoby Brissett with Teddy Bridgewater. That was one of my favorite moves this offseason. 

Miami also re-signed or tagged their best players that were up for free agency, they brought back Emmanuel OgbahMike Gesicki (Tagged), Elandon RobertsDurham SmytheBrennan ScarlettDuke RileyPreston Williams, The only loss that I will miss is WR Mack Hollins. 

There is not only a new Sherriff in town but a Different Sherriff in town he do not look like or act like a Sherriff but he has the weapons to utilize and show he is a worthy Gun Slinger and putting up W’s is how he can prove it. 

Miami’s improve Coaching Staff? 

  • OC Frank Smith vs Dual OC’s in 2021 
  • (Offensive line) Matt Applebaum vs Lemuel Jeanpierre (Now an assistant) 
  • Wes Welker (wide receivers) vs Josh Grizzard (Back to quality control) 
  • Darrell Bevell (quarterbacks/passing game coordinator) vs Charlie Frye (Moved On) 
  • Jon Embree (assistant head coach/tight ends) vs George Godsey (Moved On) 
  • Eric Studesville (associate head coach/running backs) Retained (SMH) 

Notable Additions on Defense 

  •  Sam Madison (cornerbacks/pass game specialist) 
  • Patrick Surtain (defensive assistant) 

I did not list Mike McDaniel as an upgrade because he has yet to coach a game but in my heart, I feel he will prove to be the next great Dolphins head coach. (I sure am rooting for him) 

McDaniel’s staff includes more than 300 years of coaching experience, including 183 years at the NFL level. Twelve of the team’s coaches are returning to the Dolphins in the same or a similar role. The staff is highlighted by three former Dolphin players, all of whom played together on the 2004 Dolphins team. Those three will become the 12th, 13th and 14th former Dolphins players to also coach for the team. (From Miami Dolphins Media) 

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