Miami Dolphins 2022 7 Round Mock Draft (Post Free Agency Part 1)

Let’s talk 2022 NFL Draft and Miami’s draft needs:

Miami’s Needs: TBA, EDGE, IOL, DT, LB, CB,

Now that Miami filled some holes in free agency their Draft has changed drastically as they traded away their 1st, 2nd and 4th round pick for Tyreek Hill, some say it was too much while others like myself say it was worth giving up those picks for Hill. Win/Win for both teams.

The Dolphins still have 5 picks this upcoming draft and they should take TBA with every pick as this will be added depth and cheap labor for the next few years, so here are my selections.

  • Round 3: 102. James Cook RB, Georgia
  • Round 4: 125. Terrel Bernard LB, Baylo
  • Round 5: 158. Justin Shaffer IOL, Georgia
  • Round 7: 224. Jalen Nailor WR, Michigan State
  • Round 7: Joshua Ross LB, Michigan

These were picks from a draft simulator that I used two formats and took the BPA and these were the names that came up. My next one will be players I target at each pick.

Stay Tuned!

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