From GM Chris Grier: How Do You Like Me Now?

Dolphins GM Chris Grier has been the ire of many wannabes over the past three seasons From WQAM’s Joe Rose in the mornings stoking hate, especially when Brian Flores was fired (See Brian Flores DESERVED To Be Fired!!!) That meathead has been pounding GM Chris Grier along with about every so-called Dolphins Bloggers as they tend to run in circles together and for the not too serious fans, they just jump on the band wagon and thus we had a groundswell of hating on our GM Chris Grier. 

Chris Grier’s race plays a major factor in all this negativity because these Dolphins bloggers who think they know better and are jealous and wish they had his job are majority White Males and lazy folks like Joe Rose are being manipulated by some of these clowns who have propped themselves up as some experts. 

Like I have always said, most of their expertise comes from the benefit of HINDSIGHT! 

 After a year or two later they have scathing criticism of moves made that did not pan out, but at the actual time the moves were made or draft picks selected they had no arguments, in fact in many cases they graded the moves favorably. 

I on the other hand have always been supportive of our GM (despite not always agreeing with his draft strategy) because I happen to think he has done an excellent job even before this off-season and in fact the REBUILD has gone almost flawless despite all the drama caused by former head coach Brian Flores. 

Chris Grier did things exactly by the playbook when it comes to rebuilding. Let me expand on this point by looking at how Buffalo did their rebuild. 

Buffalo drafted Josh Allen in 2018 and in his rookie season he started 12 games and threw for 10 TD’s and 12 Int’s, in his second season Josh Allen threw for 20 TD’s and 9 Int’s, hardly Elite

In his third season (AFTER THEY SIGNED STEFON DIGGS) Josh Allen’s numbers blew up! He threw for 37 YD and 10 Int’s and this last season he threw for 36 TD’s and 15 Int’s. 

How about Tua? 

Miami Dolphins drafted Tua Tagovailoa in 2020 and in his rookie season he started 9 games and threw for 11 TD’s and 5 Int’s (Better stats in fewer games than Josh Allen his rookie season) In his second season Tua Tagovailoa threw for 16 TD’s and 10 Int’s (he only started 12 games due to injury) compare that to Josh Allen’s 2nd season where he played 16 games and Tua had better stats!!! 

Now in his third season and with the signing of The Cheeta (Tyreek Hill) what do we have in store with the weapons provided to Tua? 

Chris Grier also drafted offensive linemen these past two-three seasons and have been highly criticized due to the perceived poor play of those high draft picks Austin Jackson (1st Round Pick), Liam Eichenberg (2nd round pick), Robert Hunt (2nd round pick) Solomon Kindley (4th round pick) Michael Deiter (3rd round pick) 

They have all been disappointments so far and the blame has fallen squarely on GM Chris Grier so why do I have an issue with folks blaming our GM? 

Well, if you are a real fan, you know that during the time Brian Flores was coaching this team he had four different O-Line coaches and 4 different OC’s in his 3 years as head coach. How can anyone blame these young linemen or the GM without looking at what Brian Flores failed to do to help this young group of linemen. 

It got so bad that the last foolish decision he made was to have Dual OC’s this last season and I said when hearing about that decision, I was always told anything with two heads is s freak! That was a colossal failure and now we finally have a HC who is offensive minded and has loaded the offensive side of the team with legitimate weapons to date with more to come before the season starts. 

Or GM has done his job to perfection he played his role and gave the head coaches what they wanted and in both cases Adam Gase and Brian Flores they mismanaged the players and Brian wasted the entire 2020 free agent signings by getting rid of about everyone we signed that year, but folks backed Flores and went after Grier!! 

Now these same idiots are now apologizing to our GM (For Now) because just like he has consistently done the entire time since starting the rebuild he has loaded this team with young talent that needs to be molded and now that we have two veteran Linemen on the roster these young linemen drafted these past few seasons will get a chance to learn and grow through both better coaching and some veteran leadership on the team and all the thanks to our GM who has been unfairly blamed for the stupidity of former head coach Brian Flores. 


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