Miami Dolphins 2022 Free Agency: Speculation Almost Over!

It happens every year about this time of the year, every player on the market or rumored to be on the trading block is somehow linked to our Miami Dolphins and why not as Miami once again in the last two years have more money to spend in free agency than any other team. (And still our GM gets no respect!) 

So, I stopped guessing and will just sit back and get my popcorn ready and wait and see the plan the Dolphins have unfold before our eyes. 

I am still extremely optimistic about this team’s chances in 2022 with the new more experienced offensive coaching staff and as well as them bringing back our DC for the past two years. (Despite the backstabbing that went one this past season) 

I have been the biggest critic of Miami’s failed run game during Brian Flores’ tenure, and I have put the blame squarely on our RB’s coach who Flores carried over from Adam Gase. 

I am no Eric Studesville and I will be the first to explode if this team fails to field a decent running attack especially when you consider the coaches brought in as well as our HC are run game specialist! 

It was foolish to put Tua in the position he was in under Flores with a porous offensive line of first- and second-year players and one of the worst run games in the league. It was just a shame when our Defense was one of the best in the game these past two seasons and had the Dolphins provided a better rushing attack to take the pressure off a young QB than Miami might would have made the playoffs the past two years. All of that is behind us and hopefully for good! 

Free Agency begins next week and once again here are top names to keep an eye out for when it comes to Miami. 

Thanks to CBS Sports here is a list of the top 100 Free Agents some of whom will be wearing a Dolphins uniform starting next week. (I’m Excited) 

We will know very soon!!!!

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