Tua Gets Help?

The Dolphins may trade for Deshaun Watson, so how is Tua Tagovailoa  handling things?

One of the things that was revealed about Brian Flores is his apparent disdain for starting QB Tua Tagovailoa. Brian Flores was no Tua fan, and that dynamic could not have been good for a young QB coming into the league. Now Flores is saying he was just giving tough love, but that approach is something that needs balance and flexibility to work because everyone does not respond well to being yelled at. (Count me as one) 

In his rookie season Tua had to endure having a veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to compete with and for any newcomer that was a disadvantage as Ryan was a starting caliber QB. “Fitzmagic” endeared himself to the fans as he is a very likeable person as well as a good QB. Also remember he still was not that far from a career threatening hip injury. 

Last year the Dolphins failed to give Tua the tools needed to be successful as the offensive line and running game was sub-par and poorly handled by Brian Flores and it showed. They did a decent job of playing to Tua’s strength the RPO but how threatening is that if the run is poor? 

Brian Flores did a wonderful job with his strengths (Defense) but he was just as bad with his weaknesses (Offense) and the team did not play on the offensive side of the ball up to or even close to the level of our defense. 

Brian Flores was fired for other reasons, but he could have been fired for the negligence he displayed on the offensive side of the ball. 

Help Has Arrived? 

Things have changed, there is a new Head Coach in charge, and he brings with him a resume that has an extensive offensive background, he also added better staff on the offensive side of the ball and kept the majority of the Derfensive staff together. 

The best thing he did was reach out to his QB and let him know he is ready to help him reach his goals/potential and that should have been good news to Tua’s ears, but it also puts him on notice that this is possibly his last chance to prove to Miami he is our QB of the future. 

McDaniel has a sense of humor and comes across as a guy who will do his best to get his players to play to their potential and the key place to start is with the QB. Tua will finally get the help he lacked from the setup last year. I am not implying that Brian Flores sabotaged Tua, but he failed to get the right coaches on his staff to properly coach the positions that failed like the O-Line and the run game. 

The Dolphins are loaded with young players some who have not reached their potential and most of it is due to not have better coaches in place to teach these young players that problem appears to be solved and the biggest benefactor should be Tua Tagovailoa I just hope he seizes this opportunity! 

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