Did Miami Finally Get It Right?

Even though my homer juices are bouncing off the wall, I am trying extremely hard to maintain my “Cautious Optimism” even though I must say what I am seeing I like. 

This latest hire of Mike McDaniel just seems so right for so many reasons, he comes off as very personable (unlike the former head coach who is on his scorched earth tour…) McDaniel looks and sounds like a genius (Unlike crazy Eyes Gase) and what has impressed me the most about this coaching staff he has assembled, for the first time that I can remember it makes sense. 

He kept most of the Defensive Coaching staff together minus a few and he has assembled a very solid offensive staff to complement the defensive side of the ball and just the philosophy that he brings to the table of a run first offense is so key to this team moving forward and not backwards. The RPO only works if you have a running threat! 

As a Dolphins fan in need of a hug and a playoff berth, I am starting to think that after failing far too many times that Miami just might have gotten this one right. I wrote in my article Holding Back My Inner Homer! that I would wait and see how he assembles his coaching staff and with 100% of the positions filled I can say it is an impressive staff and if the stars line up right, we Dolfans are in for an enjoyable season and hopefully years of winning football and dare I say A Superbowl? 

First, I just want Miami to win the division and make it to the playoffs and win a game or two. Is that too hard to request? 

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