Brian Flores Lands With The Steelers

Former Miami Dolphins Head Coach and plaintiff against the NFL and several teams has landed a job in the NFL and it is the perfect place for him to be at this time. 

You might think the way I have ripped into Brian Flores is that I hate him, on the contrary I really like him and was just upset about the rumors of his conduct in Miami. He is one heck of a defensive coach and he has landed under the protective wings of one of the best head coaches in the NFL, Mike Tomlin. 

Being with Tomlin can hopefully round out Brian Flores personality and help him learn to “DEAL WITH PEOPLE” better as the old school way of yelling does not always work with people and hopefully with this improbable second chance Brian Flores eyes can be opened, and he will realize that he IMO has never been discriminated against he just blew it at his first shot at head coach. 

Spending time in Pittsburg, a team that really needs the help on their defensive side of the ball, can be an incredibly good thing for Brian and hopefully he will get another shot down the road at head coach as things settle down. (This will end up in some settlement)

The best thing about this hire is the storyline that will playout because the Dolphins and Steelers will meet in Miami this upcoming season and that will be a game to watch and thank God, I just wrapped up 3 exceptionally good seats for the season! My younger brother is a diehard Steeler fan, and we are going to have fun at that game. 

I am happy for Brian Flores he is a very good coach who just needs a little rounding out of his rough edges and hopefully he will get that in Pittsburg. 

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