Dolphins Coaching Changes (Updated 2-17-22)

Should The Miami Dolphins Roll The Dice On Mike McDaniel ? | Donno Daily on  5R Live - YouTube

It was my hope that Miami would retain as many defensive coaches as possiable but that will not be the case as two key defensive coaches have moved on, one fired and the other took the same popsition with the Ravens

Who’s Staying

Who’s Going

  • Rob Leonard outside linebackers coach (Ravens)
  • Gerald Alexander defensive backs coach (Fired)
  • George Godsey one half of the Dual OC as well as TE Coach (Ravens)
  • Charlier Frye QB coach (Rumored he was fired)

New Faces

  • Jon Embree tight ends coach
  • Wes Welker wide receivers coach
  • Matt Applebaum O Line Coach
  • Frank Smith OC
  • Darrell Bevell QB coach
  • Tyrone McKenzie OLB coach
  • Sam Madison DB coach

Assistant Coaches

  • Chandler Henley (assistant offensive line coach)

Note: Some of these hires have not been confirmed but from the reports these names are pretty accurate and will be announced soon.

Until it is updated on the Dolphins official web site (Click Here) I will count it as just rumored, even though some of the names on the site have already moved on.

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