Brian Flores Unglued?

Giants release second statement regarding Brian Flores' allegations | Fox  News

I really wanted to stay away from talking about Brian Flores as I have been harassed by some Black friends for not standing by Flores and his racial lawsuit. Being a Black Man myself and living over 60 years on this earth I know there is racism and even though I have a pocket full of legitimate “RACE CARDS” I take the stance that life is too short to fight something that has always been and will always be, until like I said before, God steps in and fix those issues that we cannot fix ourselves.  

The lates complaint by Brian Flores through his lawyers is just downright silly! The Texans were the last team to make a hire and due to Brian Flores’ lawsuit, they avoided hiring who they really wanted and did what some feel is a compromise hire. Who they really wanted was Josh McCown but that would be a PR Nightmare to hire a WHITE GUY who has zero HC experience, so Houston hired Lovie Smith (A Black Former HC) for the job.  

The question is who would think that Brian Flores, after suing the entire league, would get another HC job? Especially this soon! Well, Brian Flores did as he has put out a statement through his lawyers complaining that the only reason Houston hired Lovie Smith over him was due to the lawsuit Flores has filed……YA THINK?!!!  

Is Brian Flores deranged? Did he even think that he would get another NFL coaching job after he sabotaged his own career? Forest Gump’s momma said, Stupid is what Stupid does” if Brian had not filed a lawsuit suing the entire league instead of waiting until AFTER the final hire of the vacancies than he risked being avoided for so many reasons. If Flores was still holding out hope that he would land one of the vacant jobs, then he is just STUPID!  

Now he looks even worse, and one can now question the legitimacy of his lawsuit on behalf of ALL the Black Head Coaches when he is now complaining that another Black Head Coach was given the job in Houston over him.  

It is going to be hard to claim a “Class Action Lawsuit” when it is only him as a member of that suit, what aspiring Black head coach would come near this thoughtless suit?  

Now do not get me wrong there are issues in the hiring practices of the league but there are strides being made as there are more people of color and women who are getting opportunities that would have never happened years ago. Progress is being made and for some NOT ENOUGH progress has been made but as I have come to grips as a Dolphins fan, I will just say this one word that sums up being a Dolphins fan these past 20+ years…. PATIENCE!!!!!!! That is what is needed along with time as we are moving closer to some equality. 

As for Brian Flores, all I can say is you made your bed now lie in it!  

I was waiting for a chance to use one of my favorites “South Park” lines from one of my favorite episodes With Apologies to Jesse Jackson (Season 11  
Episode 1) where Tokin says to stan that Jesse Jackson is not the Emperor of Black people well, neither is Brian Flores! 

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