Holding Back My Inner Homer!

Dolphins request interview with 49ers OC Mike McDaniel - ProFootballTalk

It is so easy to get into the hype surrounding the hiring of a new head coach as the Dolphins have done far too many times under current owner Stephen Ross. I am hoping that 3 years from now we are not looking for the next “Genius” because that would mean that we got it wrong again after the last seven times of going with a first-time head coach for Miami. I call it OJT because they must start somewhere…. 

By why here? Why our Dolphins? Why so many? 

Make no mistake about it I wanted Jim Harbaugh and if this latest attempt of finding the next Kyle Shanahan or Sean McVay fails then we need to call it what it is INSANITY!!!!! That is the definition of hiring first time head coaches back-to-back to back-to-back and still thinking something will change. 

It has gotten to the point that rightfully so many are questioning the ones doing the hiring and current GM Chris Grier is under the most pressure this time for he will not survive another coaching change and even the current owner Stephen Ross might decide to move on if this latest attempt does not work. 

As fans all we can do is hope it works out, I have a “Cautious Optimism” this time unlike in times past when I bought into the hype after every hire. Just like in the past this hire appears to be a logical move to bring in a guy who is heralded as an offensive genius, but I recall that being said about the past offensive HC we brought in Cam Cameron, Joe Philbin and Adam Gase only to see them all have issues as far as dealing with the entire responsibilities of the Head Coaching Job. 

So, spare me all the hype behind this new hire because I have been duped before and I will just wait and see how this new Coach handles his responsibilities starting with assembling his coaching staff. 

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