Will Ross & Harbaugh Stop Playing Games?

Dolphins, Raiders could pursue Jim Harbaugh as head coach? | Yardbarker

It is so obvious that the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins will be Jim Harbaugh, a point I made more than a week ago in my article Was Jim Harbaugh The Answer All Along? 

It was when Flores was fired and we all (after being shocked by the move) wondered why, then as Ross was explaining why in his press conference, he commented on Harbaugh that he hoped Harbaugh remained the coach of Michigan and he would not be the one to take Harbaugh away from Michigan. 

That seemed fishy and I concluded that Jim Harbaugh’s name will soon surface as a candidate for some NFL teams and that would show Harbaugh’s interest in returning to the NFL, thus leaving the door open for Ross to execute their plan of Harbaugh coaching Miami. 

My only frustration is why it took so long to make it happen, I wanted Jim Harbaugh to be Miami’s coach before they decided to hire Adam Gase and I vented about our Owner who seemed more interested in having Jim Harbaugh to be the coach at Michigan. 

It is time to stop with the games, make this deal, and move forward. Jim Harbaugh fits all the criteria’s this team needs in the next head coach. 

  • An experienced NFL head coach Career: NFL:   49–22–1 (.688)  
  • A winning head coach Regular season: NFL: 44–19–1 (.695)  
  • An offensive Head coach: Former NFL QB 
  • Playoff Experience as an NFL HC: Postseason: NFL: 5–3 (.625)  

Nobody out there can match his experience and winning record as an NFL head coach and this team does not need to hire another first time HC after failing with the last 4 hires of first time HC’s: 

It’s time to bring in a veteran HC with a winning record and Jim meets those qualifications. 

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