Brian Daboll Is Not The Answer

New York Giants: Brian Daboll should be no-brainer hire for Joe Schoen

He was #6th on my wish list of head coaching candidates for our Dolphins and now he is no longer available as the Giants hired Bills OC Brian Daboll as their next head coach. I for one am glad that he is not coming to Miami, in fact the two final candidates according to reports (Kellen Moore & Mike McDaniel) are also low on my list even below Brian Daboll. 

I just can’t believe that Miami’s management is still considering hiring another “First Time” head coach instead of this time going the veteran route, the only hope I have is that the media has no clue who Miami is considering and hopefully one of my TOP 5 candidates are still a possibility (Sean Payton is most likely out) the Dolphins will have an answer next week most likely. 

My Wish List

  1. Sean Payton
  2. Jim Harbaugh
  3. Doug Peterson
  4. Jim Cardwell
  5. Vance Joseph
  6. Brian Daboll
  7. Dan Quinn
  8. Kellen Moore
  9. Thomas Brown 
  10. Mike McDaniel
  11. Leslie Frazier

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