Dolphins Latest Rumors on Head Coach Search 

I have made it known what my preference would be, to get an experienced head coach this time around and NOT do another OJT by hiring a guy who has never been a head coach. 

If rumors are true that Brian Daboll is the front runner to get the next Dolphins head coaching job I am not as opposed to it if the reports are true that he will keep Miami’s Defensive coaching staff in place. That would be an ideal situation as I have been preaching If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It! 

The Defense is already playoff caliber, it is the offense that needs to be fixed especially the QB position and with Brian Daboll already having intimate knowledge of Tua as I noted in Is Brian Daboll The Answer? where I point out: 

Why Daboll?  

Brian Daboll is fully aware of Miami’s young QB Tua Tagovailoa  as he was the OC at Alabama when Tua came to their program and helped in recruiting and coaching Tua up in college. From all reports/ rumors Miami is doubling down on Tua and if they land Brian Daboll he will have to had convinced the Miami Brass that he can develop Tua into a franchise QB and with the work he has done with Josh Allen who was once considered a project QB who now is a top 5 QB in the league you can understand the reasoning of wanting to build up Tua with Daboll and see if they got it right.“ 

As with everything OFF-SEASON these are just the latest rumors, and nothing is written in stone! But if it is true, it makes the most sense when you think about it. 

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