Leave The Overtime Rule Alone!

The Sour Grapes

In a typical case of sour grapes some are calling for another overtime rule change because the Bills who had the #1 Defense in the league failed to play Defense down the stretch in their loss to KC in the playoffs. 

Buffalo had a lead with just 13 seconds to go and allowed Patrick Mahomes to get his team into field goal range and tied the game! Then when they lost the coin toss (Some are using that excuse for the Bills loss) they failed to prevent KC from driving down the field and scoring a TD all this with the best defense in the league? Had they held them to a field goal then they would have gotten the ball again in overtime! THEY DESERVED TO LOSE!

If they want to change the rules they should go back to the original rules as they were perfect. 

The NFL’s original overtime rules were simple: If the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown, it wins. The game is over. If there isn’t a touchdown, it becomes sudden death (K.I.S.S)

The Real Reason The Bills lost 

Besides their FAILED Defensive efforts TWICE in that game they are also a victim of KARMA!!!! 

I have noticed how class-less they have been in winning games and YES, I am a diehard Dolphins fan so take my point here with a grain of salt! Buffalo loves to run up the score when they are so far ahead that if they had any class they would just try and run out the clock. What message do you send when you are up by 30-40 points with seconds/minutes left in the game and you are still trying throw TD passes? CLASSLESS! 

Yes, a team that allows them to be up that much is also an issue but that still does not excuse Buffalo for showing a lack of Class. 

There is a reason the Football Gods have denied the Bills a SB win in 4 back-to-back to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances! They are a classless organization as so are many of their fans! 

So, I ask do they need some “Whine to go along with their Sour Grapes”

If they were to change the rules how long before some other team upon losing BY THE RULES complain and we are changing the rules again. Buffalo’s loss was due to a failure to play Defense at the end of the game and in overtime.

Enough with calling for changes to the overtime rule because a classless team thinks it is unfair that they lost the game they should not have and not due to a flippin “COIN TOSS” (All Puns Intended) 


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