The Nine Lives Of Chris Grier?

Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross will not fire Chris Grier per report

Some are asking why Chris Grier is still here? He has survived since being brought to Miami in 2000 by Dave Wannstedt, every coach owner and GM have kept Chris Grier since then. 

The one constant has been Chris Grier, some think that is a negative and think he should have been fired along with Brian Flores, but Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross has decided to keep Grier. How can that be? 

Listen to the man that is responsible for bringing Chris Grier to Miami back in 2000. 

Dave Wannstedt said on the Colin Cowherd show this:

“If you can’t get along with Chris Grier than something is wrong with you” 

Instead of thinking it’s a negative that we have Chris Grier some of you need to step back and realize that Miami at least got this one right. 

I find it funny that stupid fans and media alike who just Parrott of each other have been calling for Miami to fire the very GM who is fully responsible for the rebuild and was undermined by Brian Flores who Grier gave him a chance to be a HC in the NFL one of 32 special top paying jobs. 

Some fans are also calling for Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to sell the team because he is hanging on to Chris Grier and the problems this team has faced since Ross bought the Dolphins. (Stupid Pleas) There has been an average turnover of HC every 3-4 years since Ross took over the team and I attribute that to hiring inexperienced first time HC’s that you have no clue what you are getting. 

Those of you who think you know better than the Dolphins owner let me ask you this… 

How many of you are billionaires? How many of you have managed multi-Billion-dollar business? But your foolish arrogance and hindsight makes you experts? 

Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross net worth is 8.3 billion USD 

To have that much wealth and manage his companies: 

It is obvious that this man knows how he wants his management team to be and if he fired Flores over Grier than he had good reason. 

What some of you should ask is why was Flores so stupid to try a power move over the very man who hired him? Did he really think that Stephen Ross, who has a long-standing relationship with and obviously trust would back him over Grier? 

Since Grier has taken over in 2019 as the true GM, we have had some of the most exciting off-season’s I have ever seen in Miami. Some of you obsess about his (Perceived) misses like the young linemen he has drafted the last three years. I say the jury is still out on all of them as Linemen take the longest to develop. (More on them in future article) 

If you listened to the video, you heard what Dave Wannstedt said about the Dolphins Job 

“If you look real close, It’s a great job because of the young talent, there is a lot of young talent there” 

I get it some of you are upset that the Dolphins have been a mess for well over two decades but as you will see in my future article “Are the Dolphins Close” I will answer that very question. As a fan for well over 5 decades, as my time on this earth is closer to its end do you not think I want this team to at least win another SB in my lifetime? 

If I were the owner of the Dolphins, I would hire our current GM as my GM because of the very thing some criticize him about “Having No Ego” because that is the quality you should want in a GM who will work hand and hand with the HC to get him the players he wants. 

Unfortunately, some consider that as a weakness, some will try and run over a person they feel are weak and that is exactly what Brian Flores tried and he lost. 

Next Man Up! 

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