New #1 Coach On My Wish List!

Sean Payton 'Not Committed' to Saints, Per Report - Sports Illustrated New  Orleans Saints News, Analysis and More

As much as I like the idea of Jm Harbaugh being Miami’s next hire events that unfolded today has catapulted a new available coach up my radar even though our chances are slim to none! Now ironically, I have always felt that if Miami were to trade Tua that Sean Payton would be an excellent choice for Tua to land with because of his success with Drew Breese in New Orleans. 

Here is what Payton said today: 

Payton said he doesn’t like the word “retirement” and said he can’t rule out a return to coaching in the future. But “that’s not where my heart is right now.” 

I am sure he needs some time off and that is why this is a pipe dream. He seems to want to step away, but it is not known for how long and there are false rumors that have him taking a TV position even though he said it was not true, but it just might be interesting. 

My New Updated Wish List

  1. Sean Payton
  2. Jim Harbaugh
  3. Doug Peterson
  4. Jim Cardwell
  5. Vance Joseph
  6. Brian Daboll
  7. Dan Quinn
  8. Mike McDaniel
  9. Kellen Moore
  10. Thomas Brown 
  11. Leslie Frazier

1 thought on “New #1 Coach On My Wish List!”

  1. Love to have peyton come aboard. Makes me wonder with the Saints being 71 million dollars over the cap had anything to do with his decision. By the time they get under that number m8ht leave them void of talent and they need a QB with other holes to fill

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