The Eccentric Jim Harbaugh?

Jim Harbaugh Could Coach The Las Vegas Raiders, So Bears Fans Can Shut Up  About Him Now - On Tap Sports Net

The Definition of eccentric according to Websters Dictionary is: 

1.(of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange. “my favorite aunt is very eccentric” 

SYNONYMSbizarrecuriouserraticfunnyidiosyncratickookynuttyoddoffbeatoutlandishpeculiarquirkystrangeunconventionalweirdwhimsicalaberrantbentcharacteristiccrazyfreakyirregularoddballqueersingularwildabnormalanomalouscapriciouscockeyeddrollfar-outflakyfreakishfunkyoff the walloff-centerout in left fieldquaintquizzicaluncommonunnaturalway-out 

What is the difference between an eccentric personality and autism? 

What is ‘eccentric personality’ in this context? It does not seem to be an official medical term. Some autistic people are eccentric, and others are less so, just like any other population. Most people with ASD clearly naturally differ from the norm and may thus be seen as eccentric. But, again, it is only one group, and anyone can be as such. 

Great Coach 

You get all this with Jim Harbaugh as he is, as we say on the streets AN ODD DUCK but even with that, he is exactly what Miami needs as their next head coach, why you say?  

Because one thing you cannot argue about Jim Harbaugh is that he is an exceptionally good  head coach, and his track records speak for itself. 

Jim Harbaugh’s Career highlights and awards 

NFL Head coaching record 

  • Regular season: NFL: 44–19–1 (.695) 
  • Postseason: NFL:   5–3 (.625) 
  • Career: NFL:   49–22–1 (.688) 

The best way to describe Jim Harbaugh from the outside looking in (I do not know him personally) is that he is sort of an Nutty Professor very intelligent but also a little odd and his odd ways can tend to run its course and he can lose his message but to his credit he has lasted in Michigan since 2015 and I for one am hoping to hear soon this Nutty Professor is Miami next head coach. Because he is an experienced head coach, and he is good at it. 

Something Miami needs! 

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