Next Dolphins Head Coach (Wish List)

Miami Dolphins already feeling impact of Jim Caldwell's absence - South  Florida Sun Sentinel - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Here is my list of Head Coaching preferences from First to Last

  1. Jim Harbaugh
  2. Doug Peterson
  3. Jim Cardwell
  4. Vance Joseph
  5. Brian Daboll
  6. Dan Quinn
  7. Mike McDaniel
  8. Kellen Moore
  9. Thomas Brown 
  10. Leslie Frazier

As you can see, I listed the more experienced HC ahead of these young coaches because I am tired of hiring young inexperienced HC’s who end up having maturity issues as in the case of Miami last two hires or just bad hires like in the case of Joe Philbin and Tony Sparano.

Miami needs to stop doing the same thing over and expecting a different result….I beg them PLEASE hire an experienced veteran HC this time and give him time!!!!!!

Who would you like?

2 thoughts on “Next Dolphins Head Coach (Wish List)”

  1. Good list seer. Those were my top 3 as well. All 3 former HCs, offensive minded with playoff and SB appearances.

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