Our GM Is One Of The Best In The NFL!

Who is Chris Grier, the person in charge of rebuilding the Miami Dolphins?  - South Florida Sun Sentinel - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Nobody is perfect, we all have our faults, that includes Miami’s GM Chris Grier who I am at odds with the way he drafts taking TBPA no matter what, that brough players we did not need at the time like Leonte Carroo and Noah Igbinoghene both positions Miami was staked with at the time he drafted them, I do not have a problem like many misinformed cowards out there who do not allow a response to their articles they put out there trying to slam Miami’s GM over the firing of Brian Flores.  

The reason I call them cowards is because they hide behind their writing choosing to sensor the responses and only post the ones that tend to favor their opinion. Some do not even allow you to respond and even some insecure folks like “The Big O” who does not allow you to click on thumbs down if you disagree. Or Mike Florio who has always censored comments that do not agree with their agenda!  

There is this ongoing debate by many out there that feel Miami should have fired GM Chris Grier along with Brian Flores and that would be tantamount to throwing away a precious item with the trash! Here is the biggest lie they keep saying to try and bolster their opinions….  

Chris Grier was in charge for 20 years and he was responsible for all the draft blunders for all those years.  

Here is the truth!  

He was named GM in 2016 but he never had full control as Mike Tanabaum and Adam Gase had just as much say in player acquisitions and that also carried over to Brian Flores. Our GM is a guy who rely on his staff and he has an excellent staff behind the scenes.  See “The Men Behind The Miami Dolphins Rebuild

It was when Stephen Ross Fired Adam Gase and Mike Tannenbaum and the team was in cap hell that he finally handed everything over to GM Chris Grier in the 2018-2019 season so what has Grier done in these last three years?

It was Grier’s time to shine, and he is the one who recommended hiring Brian Flores and doing a complete rebuild. He dumped a bunch of veteran contracts and cleaned up Miami cap to the point that they had over 200 million in cap spaced and a boatload of draft picks and free agent money to play with!  

The 2019 season was the beginning of the rebuild that started by cleaning up the roster, dumping players and gutting the roster. So, 2019 was a lost season. But in 2020, the actual first year they started to replenish the roster, they signed a bunch of free agents that Brian Flores signed off and wanted just look at the signings:  

Being a good GM, Grier signed players that Brian Flores wanted in 2020 and drafted players that through a consensus working with their staff INCLUDING BRIAN FLORES and brough in free agents and drafted players for the rebuild.  

The 2020 Free agents signed were:  

Now look at that list and tell me that Brian Flores’ input was not involved, in fact one could say GM Gris Grier gave Brian what he wanted. With all that free agent money for 2020 and what did Flores do the next year? Got rid of just about every player they signed!  

Over 100 million in contracts dismissed by Flores!!!!!!!! After one season!!!!!!  

The draft of 2020 was these players:  

1  5  QB Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama  B  
1  18*  OT Austin Jackson, USC  C-  
1  30*  CB Noah Igbinoghene, Auburn  A+  
2  39  OL Robert Hunt, Louisiana-Lafayette  B-  
2  56*  DL Raekwon Davis, Alabama  D+  
3  70  S Brandon Jones, Texas  D+  
4  111*  G Solomon Kindley, Georgia  A  
5  154*  DL Jason Strowbridge, North Carolina  C+  
5  164*  EDGE Curtis Weaver, Boise State  A+  
6  185  LS Blake Ferguson, LSU  F  
7  246*  WR Malcolm Perry, Navy   C+  

Look at how they were graded back then by CBS football?  

In fact, just about every Dolphins fans were ecstatic about picking Tua. I was not looking at drafting a QB that year I wanted Miami to continue to develop Josh Rosen at that time.  

None the less Miami’s GM did what was expected of him and Brian Flores started leaking lies from his camp that he wanted Herbert and many of you fell for it when the facts are IF Brian Flores really wanted Herbert over Tua the GM would have done what he always did give Flores what he wanted UNLESS they both were overruled by Ross and that is what I suspect happened, Grier is willing to take the fall for the owners’ decision and that is why Ross is keeping his Soldier.  

Now two years later Miami has a young talented roster full of 2–3-year players that is missing a veteran offensive staff and a mature leader to coach them, one who can identify an OC and O-Line coach and not come up with a stupid idea like a Dual OC promoting one of the worst coaches on his staff RB’s coach Eric Studesville to screw up things, not having to deal with his revolving door approach to his offensive staff and we wonder why the offense sucked? He abused a fragile young QB that he treated like crap, that idiot deserved to be fired! 

He tried a power move and got busted I wish him well but I for one am glad to move on from that clown!

2 thoughts on “Our GM Is One Of The Best In The NFL!”

  1. I liked Flo too but his conduct from all reports was not healthy for the team hopefully he will learn from this firing…I doubt it.

  2. Mark I actually liked Flo but at the same time I didn’t know the dark happenings behind the scenes. I still think he can be a good coach in this league but part of being a good HC is being able to communicate with your staff and players, if what I’m reading is accurate about his communications. Hope the next hire is a keeper

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