Time To Bring Laremy Tunsil Back Home!

The Dolphins Traded Laremy Tunsil Because They Trust the Process - The  Ringer

“Multiple reports indicate Houston could be open to trading left tackle Laremy Tunsil this offseason for the right price” …Tunsil, 27, still has two years remaining on his three-year, $66 million extension. The asking price will dictate if Houston would part ways with the two-time Pro Bowler.  

It was the deal that even Laremy Tunsil said he would not pass up and so in 2019 Tunsil was traded to Houston for a kings ransomed and 4 years later Miami has not been able to replace the pro bowl talent and there will always be questions about was the trade worth it? 

It really doesn’t matter right now but what does matter is that Miami NEEDS to add veteran help to their young offensive line and Laremy is the answer! Miami should investigate the rumors of Houston wanting to trade Laremy and it makes sense that they do because they are primed to hit the reset button and start from scratch. 

The only issue is will they be petty and want more compensation than they should get because of the raping they got by GM Chris Grier in the initial trade to send Tunsil to Houston? 

If not, I would send one of our 2023 first round picks to Houston to get Laremy back in Miami and I am sure he would have no problems coming back to the team that drafted him and prevented him from sliding even further down the draft board when he was drafted. 

Remember what transpired on draft day for Laremy? see: Miami Draft Laremy Tunsil! 

In that article I concluded: 

The Risk: 

There is some risk involved with this draft pick as Miami do not need any more drama with top picks as the very issues that Tunsil displayed on that now infamous video we have ironically our young OLB/DE draft bust Dion Jordan taken number 3 overall in the 2013 NFL draft who has been suspended for the past two years due to drug use, the irony of it is he was eligible for reinstatement on the very day we took the mask wearing pot smoking Tunsil. I don’t even want to imagine this kid getting suspended and the circus that will create with the media down here. 

They already are making snide remarks towards the kid’s unfortunate situation and it is unfortunate that someone sabotaged this kid and there is some suspicions that his issues with his step father has something to do with this cowardly attack on what should have been the best night of this young man’s career. But as the saying goes you reap what you sow, but still that was messed up! 

In his defense the video is reportedly two years ago and he has passed all drug test submitted to him these past two years. 

The reward: 

The risk is well worth the potential reward and considering what was left on the draft board as potential options some players with injury issues or questions as to their worth at 13 where the Dolphins were drafting. (If you like players take them anytime) Miami did the right thing and took a chance on Laremy. 

Miami drafted what is considered a future ALL Pro left tackle who will fit on the line day one at one of the 5 spots on the offensive line most likely at Guard starting out but sometime in the future he will roll over to the Left Tackle spot where it is currently manned by 31 year old Pro Bowler Brandon Albert or they just might move Albert to guard either way the Dolphins added a young talented player to their offensive line that already have 3 former first round picks on it. This was not only a great value pick but it also was a NEED pick as Miami’s offensive line issues have been ongoing for far too long and if this pans out Ryan Tannehill and whomever our RB’s will be should be very happy. 

It’s time to bring Laremy Home! 

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