If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

Miami Dolphins News 5/24/20: How Will The Transition Be With Josh Boyer As  DC? - The Phinsider

My biggest concern with the departure of Brian Flores as head coach is that they will bring in a new HC who will want to fix something that is not broken, say what you want about Brian Flores, he did get the defensive side of the team to play about as good as it gets. It was a fun thing to watch these head coaches with young QB’s fear facing our defense this past season. (Jets game 1 & Saints Game)

Will the new guy that they bring in have a different defensive philosophy and mess with something that is not broken? I have a great idea…. 

Why not promote Josh Boyer to Defensive CO and Assistant head coach before they hire an offensive minded guru that agrees to keep the defensive staff together? How about that stupid failed Dual OC approach and have Dual Head Coaches? 

I would do anything to keep this defense in the hands of Josh Boyer who knows exactly how it was run and if they just add a few more pieces to this unit there is no way they would not be a top unit in the NFL next season and that alone is over half the battle for this team to make a playoff run and a division title! 

I hate the situation this team is in when all we need to do is right the ship on offense and we would be a team to reckon with just if we keep our defense intact as much as possible! 

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