Did Stephen Ross Rule Out Jim Harbaugh as Miami’s Next Coach?

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on Jim Harbaugh rumors [Press Conference +  Analysis] | CBS Sports HQ - YouTube

We were all SHOCKED when on Black Monday Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had a press conference and proceeded to Fire then Head Coach Brian Flores. Nobody seen that coming but the embattled GM. 

Mr. Ross was asked at that press conference: 

Q: Your thoughts on Jim Harbaugh? And do you have a coach in mind as you made this move? 

“I have no coach in mind at this point. We’re going to do a thorough review and interview process. And Jim Harbaugh, I love Jim Harbaugh. He had the opportunity once before to come to the Miami Dolphins. But he’s at the University of Michigan. That is my school I graduated from and I’m very involved in it. And I’m not going to be the person to take Jim Harbaugh from the University of Michigan. I hope he stays there. He’s a great coach.” 

With that statement some talking heads are setting up Ross to call him out if he should later hire Jim Harbaugh as Miami’s head coach as I hope he does! But Mr. Ross did not say that he would not hire Jim Harbaugh but that he would not be the one to take him away and there are distinct differences in what he said. 

He does not want Jim to leave the University of Michigan and thus he will not be the one to entice him to leave, but if Jim is dead set on leaving, I am sure Mr. Ross will pursue him as the Dolphins head coach and IMO, that is exactly with Mr. Ross should do! 

I was upset with Stephen Ross back in 2014 before Miami hired Adan Gase because Jim Harbaugh was the person I coveted as Miami’s head coach, but Ross seemed more interested in getting Jim to coach his alma mater than the team he owns!!! (See The Dolphin Seer Rant: (Feeling Betrayed)

With another failed hiring of inexperienced first-time head coaches 4 consecutive times, you would think the light bulb in Miami’s decision makers heads would conclude that it is time to get a veteran HC to take this team to the next level! 

Jim Harbaugh has a 44-19-1 overall record as a NFL head coach (5-3 in the postseason) he is just 58 years old and has been coaching the University of Michigan since 2015 and from all indications is ready to get back to the NFL because he wants to win a Super Bowl, he would be wise to leave the University of Michigan on a high note after suffering down there through the tough times when some wanted him fired! He is a little eccentric but who can argue with his success as a HC in college and the NFL?

This is the perfect time, and this is the perfect team and hopefully the stars will line up and the Football Gods will send Jim our way! 

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