Why Flo and Not Grier?

Brian Flores, Chris Grier and the need to succeed in Miami — The Undefeated

In what was the biggest Surprise of Black Monday Dolphins owner Stephen Ross fired HC Brian Flores and is retaining for now embattled GM Chris Grier. 

In a brief statement Ross explains his reason for the firing: 

“I made a decision today to part ways with Brian Flores,” Ross said. “After evaluating where we are as an organization and what we need going forward to improve, I determined that key dynamics of our football organization weren’t functioning at a level I want it to be and felt that this decision was in the best interest of the Miami Dolphins. I believe we have a talented young roster in place and have the opportunity to be much better in 2022. I want to thank Brian for his hard work and wish him nothing but the best in his future.” 

He also said

“Well, I’ve been looking at this over three years now and watching the organization grow. I think an organization can only function if it is collaborative and it works well together,” Ross said. “I don’t think that we were really working well as an organization that it would take to really win consistently at the NFL level.” 

“I think if you look at it, it’s really communication and collaboration. I don’t think there is any organization in this country that unless you have excellent communication and collaborative efforts within the whole organization, that you can really win and sustain yourself in the long term,” he said. 

Apparently, there was a power struggle happening behind the scenes between HC Brian Flores and GM Chris Grier which came as a complete surprise to me as I thought they had a great working relationship. 

I have endorsed both as I thought Brian Flores has done an excellent job coaching this team and he was just an off-season away from plugging the holes this team has. I also LOVE GM Chris Grier and think he has done an excellent job with the rebuild. 

Stephen Ross on why he is keeping GM Chris Grier: 

“If you look at our roster, we have a very fine, I think, an excellent roster of young players,” Ross said. “We had an old, aging roster before that was leading us nowhere but to mediocrity, and I think that when you look at our roster today you see our salary cap, players that we have — I think we’re well suited for the future.” 

I totally agree with what Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said! 

Looking at Grier’ Drafts Hits: 

  • Tua Tagovailoa QB 23years old 2nd year player (Starter) 
  • Jaylen Waddle WR 22 Rookie (Starter) 
  • Jaelan Phillips DE 22 Rookie (Starter) 
  • Jevon Holland DB 21 Rookie (Starter) 
  • Liam Eichenberg T 23 Rookie (Starter) 
  • Hunter Long TE 23 Rookie (jury still out) 
  • Austin Jackson T 22 years old 2nd year player (Starter) 
  • Noah Igbinoghene DB 21 years old 2nd year player (jury still out) 
  • Robert Hunt G 25 years old 2nd year player (Starter) 
  • Raekwon Davis DT 24 years old 2nd year player (Starter) 
  • Brandon Jones DB 23 years old 2nd year player (Starter) 
  • Solomon Kindley G 24 years old 2nd year player (In the Doghouse) 
  • Blake Ferguson C 24 years old 2nd year player (Starter) 
  • Christian Wilkins DT 25 years old 3rd Year player (Starter) 
  • Michael Deiter G 25 years old 3rd Year player (Starter) 
  • Andrew Van Ginkel LB 26 years old 3rd Year player (Starter) 
  • Mike Gesicki TE 26 years old 4th year player (Starter) 
  • Jerome Baker LB 24 years old 4th year player (Starter) 
  • Durham Smythe TE 26 years old 4th year player (Starter) 
  • Jason Sanders K 26 years old 4th year player (Starter) 

Also, Rember he drafted these three pro bowlers no longer on the team 

  • Laremy Tunsil 
  • Jakeem Grant 
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick 

So, while some people want to obsess on players he missed on, his hits are far greater than anytime I can recall in a three-year span, as for the O-Line when they get better coaching, better QB play and as they mature, they just might turn out better than what some of you think. In fact, it takes O Linemen longer to develop than any player. 

Also keep in mind this offseason we have more cap space than any other team and 8 or 9 draft picks as well as in 2023 we have two first round picks! Those of you who are confused why GM Chris Grier was retained need to open your eyes and pay attention. 

Now we await the next hire, hopefully an HC who has an extensive offensive background. 

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