Current Dolphins Coaches That Should Be Retained

Miami Dolphins News 5/24/20: How Will The Transition Be With Josh Boyer As  DC? - The Phinsider

As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” the one thing that should be obvious is that Miami needs to keep the defensive coaching staff in place and in particular Josh Boyer our DC! 

Despite Brian Flores being fired the remaining coaches on the staff are still employed by the Dolphins and the next HC will have the opportunity to keep anyone he wants. 

DC Josh Boyer has done an excellent job with the defense, I have no doubt that former HC Brian Flores had much to do with the gameplan but to have continuity on the defensive side of the ball is target number one and that is why they should hire an offensive HC one that will agree to not try and FIX our defense! 

It is a no brainer who to keep and who to let go! Just think about the positions and how they played and keep the coaches whose players balled out and get rid of the coaches who ‘s units struggled. 

These are the names of current coaches I would like to see be retained as they have done an exceptional job with their units, we just need to fill out the positions that struggled and here are the ones that need to go: 

I am sure whoever Miami brings in will have an idea who they want on their staff. I just hope that coaches who did well under Flores can keep their jobs. 

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