Should Miami Extend Grier & Flow’s Contracts?

Brian Flores, Chris Grier and the need to succeed in Miami — The Undefeated

It was approximately 3 years ago when Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross hit the reset button and cleaned house (Minus Current GM Chris Grier) he fired then head coach Adam Gase and VP of operations Mike Tannenbaum. He then gave full control to who I called at that time our de facto GM Chris Grier as he never had full control before. 

Chris Grier through one of his most important decisions, hired Brian Flores as the next Head Coach. Now 3 years later some people are outraged and want one if not both fired because they have not made it to the playoffs these past three years. 

What saved both of their jobs was the 7-game win streak that came after the 7-game losing streak had it been reversed I think changes would have been made and I am of the feeling if one should be fired, they both should go as they both have been involved in the decision making. Then there is the question how much influence has Dolphins owner Stephen Ross been in some of the decisions made like drafting Tua over Herbert? 

They were close the last two seasons but the way they were booted out of the playoff race being blown out twice in meaningful games has not been well received. Miami has built a team with an incredibly young foundation and the future looks bright, they need a few things to go their way and here is the best-case scenario: 

  • First Dolphins owner Stephen Ross needs to come out right away and back his management team (GM & HC should be retained) 
  • Brian Flores needs to find better coaches to help on the offensive side of the ball. 
  • Gm Chris Grier needs to find veteran help for the O-Line as well as revamp the WR core. 
  • Miami needs to do a better job in free agency 
  • The Dolphins need to have another successful draft class in 2022 
  • Miami needs to revamp the RB room only Duke Johnson should be safe 

These and other moves need to happen for this team to make the playoffs. 

As I asked in the title “Should Miami Extend Grier & Flow’s Contracts?” My answer is no and in fact they both need to be put on notice that if they fail to make a playoff run next year or it is time to clean house. again. 

They both are officially on the hot seat!! 

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