Is Brian Flores On The Hot Seat?

The Jim-Harbaugh-to-the-NFL smoke is beginning to look a lot like fire |  This is the Loop |

Here we go again, another failed season and sitting at home looking at the Bills and Patriots make the playoffs from our division, while we lick our wounds and start to get hope from the off-season of change that is about to happen in Miami. 

Let the debates begin, Tua or Watson? Do we fire our GM? Do we fire our HC? Will this team ever learn? Here is my frustration over the years with the way Miami has handled things. 

It goes back to just after Miami cleaned house at the end of the 2018-19 season. I was hoping that Miami would go the VETERAN route as I have had enough of first time HC hires because they do not have the ability to put together a veteran staff. 

In fact, one of my top targets back then is a name that is rumored now as a potential replacement for Brian Flores. Jim Harbaugh To Miami Dolphins? I Say YES!!!! see also It’s Not About The Coach, It’s About The Coaching Staff 

The reason hiring first time HC’s is a huge problem is they have extremely limited resources to draw from to build a staff. The problem Flores has is that he is not an offensive guy and so naturally his strength is on the defensive side of the ball. 

If you recall Flores hired veteran HC/OC Jim Caldwell to be part of his staff and that excited me greatly but soon after he disappeared from the team and that was the beginning of things going south offensively for Brian Flore who has never been able to find quality offensive coaches from OC to O-Line, it has been an unmitigated disaster. 

The announcement that he would have a dual OC position starting the season was even more bazar and I was not feeling it and that too was a disaster as I have been pounding the table for the RB’s coach to be fired NOT PROMOTED!!!! 

The failure to draft a top RB has come home to roost, it seemed like the light bulb finally came on when they brought in veteran help, none more pleasing than Duke Johnson. Miami’s run game has been the worst in the league ever since Eric Studesville has been on this team as RB coach and for the life of me, I do not understand how he has kept his job. Results are more important than words and Eric talks a good game, but Miami run offense has been at the lower end of the league every year he has been here, a FACT! 

  • 2021 ranked 31st in rushing yards 3.4 per rush 
  • 2020 ranked 22nd in rushing yards 3.9 per rush 
  • 2019 ranked 32nd in rushing yards 3.3 per rush 
  • 2018 ranked 18th in rushing yards 4.7 per rush 

How is this guy employed? The RB position for Miami with the type of team we have should be based off a power run game that helps keep opponents’ offenses off the field allowing our Defense to get rest and play aggressive. Having a west coast stye run attack is not what this team needs they need a power run attack and that requires RB’s who are big, strong and weigh more that 210 LBS! 

Brian Flores is responsible for his staff, and it is apparent he has failed one side of the ball, that side of the ball is the weakest link and the reason this team is not in the playoffs. It is not all on Tua, but he too shares the blame more due to no fault of his own because he is still young in his career and the team’s offensive staff is poorly put together and will be a subject of change in some fasion this offseason. 

My thoughts on the rumors of Miami being interested in Jim Harbaugh are the same as my thoughts on Deshawn Watson. I will trust the team’s decision making and what they decide. I like Flores but I also know his limitations and it is genuinely concerning that on the offensive side of the ball this team is clueless. 

Should be as always, an interesting off-season!! 

Stay tuned 

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