Our Bubble Was Burst!

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Well, it was better to find out now what most of us already knew, this team’s anemic offense was never going to get us to a post season berth, now it is time for the offseason debates to begin.   

This was another mediocre performance by Dolphin’s 2nd year QB Tua Tagavailoa as he seemed off all game. The weather conditions did us no favors but that is no excuse for how Tua mishandled the ball. The fact is this team is a Quality QB away from contending and as much as Tua is a likeable person he is the weak link on this roster when you compare him to the better QB’s in the league and even in our division he just might be the worst?   

I do not consider Tannehill one of the best QB’s in the league but he was the better QB on the field today as he did what he needed to win the game, Tua on the other hand is just not equipped with the skills or experience needed to win games against the better teams in the league and Miami will never advance until Tua gets better or they find a top QB with the skills, Tua will always be dependent upon surrounding factors like an elite defense or better offensive weapons.   

What I wished Miami could do that the Titans were able to do is run the ball effectively to control the game the Titans had a BIG RB that they pounded away at our defense at 6′-1″ and 235 lbs. something we do not have on the roster. That was and still is my biggest complaint about the past 3 drafts. 

Miami’s defense finally gave way due to the inefficiency of the offense and allowed about 200 yards rushing but can you blame a defense that put our offense in good positions early only to see them squander every opportunity the Titians pounded the defense into submission.   

Defensively the Titans stuffed our offense and only gave up 3 points. You will win most games playing that way. Still, it was an amazing turnaround after a 1-7 start and we now know for sure that we need better play from one position and that will be the focus this offseason and debated fiercely.   

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