Miami Dolphins 2022 7 Round Mock Draft (Updated 1-27-22)

Let’s talk 2022 NFL Draft and Miami’s draft needs: Miami’s Needs: OT, RB, WR, EDGE, IOL, DT, LB, CB, QB,  This time I used a different mock draft simulator and these are the players I took, I like this simulator because it grades your picks...I seem to have done a good job. Round 1 Pick 22: Cameron Thomas, DE/OLB, San Diego… Continue reading Miami Dolphins 2022 7 Round Mock Draft (Updated 1-27-22)

Dolphins Latest Rumors on Head Coach Search I have made it known what my preference would be, to get an experienced head coach this time around and NOT do another OJT by hiring a guy who has never been a head coach.  If rumors are true that Brian Daboll is the front runner to get the next Dolphins head coaching job I… Continue reading Dolphins Latest Rumors on Head Coach Search 

Looking Back at Miami’s 2021 Top 3 Draft Picks

Despite some malcontents who want to paint Miami’s GM Chris Grier as someone deserving of being fired the evidence is clear that those folks making that call are dead wrong! They use misinformation or just outright lies or skew the facts with just the negatives. (Players they think He missed on)  Miami’s GM Chris Grier… Continue reading Looking Back at Miami’s 2021 Top 3 Draft Picks

The Eccentric Jim Harbaugh?

The Definition of eccentric according to Websters Dictionary is:  1.(of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange. "my favorite aunt is very eccentric”  SYNONYMS; bizarre, curious, erratic, funny, idiosyncratic, kooky, nutty, odd, offbeat, outlandish, peculiar, quirky, strange, unconventional, weird, whimsical, aberrant, bent, characteristic, crazy, freaky, irregular, oddball, queer, singular, wild, abnormal, anomalous, capricious, cockeyed, droll, far-out, flaky, freakish, funky, off the wall, off-center, out in left field, quaint, quizzical, uncommon, unnatural, way-out  What is the difference between an eccentric personality and autism?  What is ‘eccentric personality’ in this context? It does not seem to be an… Continue reading The Eccentric Jim Harbaugh?