With No Apologies!!!

Monday Night Football: Miami Dolphins defeat the hapless New Orleans Saints  - CNN

Oh, cry me a river! Boo, Hoo, Hoo!!!  

Miami goes into New Orleans this past Monday and hand the Saints a massive BEAT DOWN and all you hear is that the Saints were depleted, even though that is true is it the Dolphins fault? NO!!!  Miami did what they should have done! Can you imagine had Miami lost that game? 

The game was not cancelled, the Saints must have had a lapse in following protocol that should have been in place to avoid such a massive outbreak of covid, I am not sure what the Saints did not do to avoid their outbreak but no other team in the NFL has had that many players out due to covid in a single week.  

The National media (Haters) have cried foul and even the Saints and their fans are pointing fingers of blame on anybody but their team that failed in protecting their roster from an outbreak.  

So, excuse me if I could care less about the whiners out there and the haters who are doing everything they can to try and discredit what Miami has accomplished with this 7-game win streak.  

They have resorted to attacking the so called “weak schedule” Miami has played during this win streak. That schedule was not selected by our Dolphins and when Miami was going through that 7-game skid nobody gave Miami the benefit of the doubt that they should have won at least 3 or 4 of those games they lost and be 11-5 or 10-6 right now. Instead, they called Miami at that time the worst team in the NFL!  

So instead of giving our Dolphins credit they have excuses and are looking forward to Miami getting beat one of these last two games so they can say I told you Miami was not that good!  

The sad part is many of our own self-loathing fans will instantly jump on this team should they lose one of these last two game and revert to calling for the Owner, GM, and HC to be fired. It is a miserable situation this world is in when you cannot even enjoy a 7-game win streak without someone trying to rain on your parade, especially our own fans!  

I am enjoying everything about this season from the 7-game losing streak as I continued to be supportive of this team while the fans and media was foolishly calling for heads to roll and or was jumping off the ship!  

It is a true accomplishment, A true die-hard fan will love their team win or lose and reap the benefits by just enjoying ONE GAME AT A TIME!!!! 

3 thoughts on “With No Apologies!!!”

  1. Not that I want that to happen, but for some out there it would be a case of, don’t know what you got till it’s gone

  2. You’re spot on. Some of the “fanbase” seems to be under the impression that they are owed something by the franchise. They need to take a lesson from Cleveland in how to be grateful that we have a team. I said before that if Ross sells, part of the deal should be move the team. This market doesn’t deserve to have one. How’s the London Herrings sound.

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